I was incapable of falling in love… that’s what I thought but then you came around, you didn’t sweep me off of my feet. You waited, you were persistent and you didn’t give up. You broke down my walls and you found a way through my heart. It was a lot of hard work and patience and it’s going to get even more difficult as we continue our journey.

Stay with me, it’s going to get bumpy but we’ll get through because right now I can’t imagine not having you around and it breaks my heart just the thought of losing you.

Stay with me because you made me believe in love and without you I don’t know if I’ll ever believe in it again, the pain that you will leave will be unbearable for me to even handle.

Stay with me and I promise I will love you and only you, I don’t see myself with anybody else but you. I am yours.

Just stay with me because you’re one of the reason why this life is still worth living.

Please… stay with me.

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