It’s getting harder to get up every morning with all this weight of unmotivated mind and body. As if life just passes us by day by day feeling empty, and waiting for the moment where our lungs couldn’t catch an air to breathe, until death decides to take part. Leaving the world with nothing that goes by our name, a legacy not worth a dime and as if the life we have lived was a gift that we didn’t value. Until it’s too late, and we wishes that time turns back and we’ll try to redo everything but this time around we’ll do everything we can to fight ourselves and find motivation that we lack back then and not mess it up by self-sabotaging.

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Poetry – Desire

The never ending satisfaction, one desire to another.

Today you’ll fight and tomorrow again you’ll conquer.

Aren’t you getting tired? Wanting more when you have

everything there is a man could have ever dreamed of?

Here you are planning when you already have enough

taking all the world has to offer but never filling you up

You go for what you want rather than what you really love

Maybe change the way you think about what to acquire,

maybe next time you’ll get it right and fulfill your true desire.


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We are falling out and we are far from getting back to the place where we once stood happily. We can retrace our steps and try to remember the memories we had but it’s impossible to feel the same way as we did before. We are now in a different phase, the one where we have to go our separate ways.

We can no longer pretend that this is still worth it because it’s not anymore, our days were numbered from the beginning and we just counted them down until the very last second of it. We can never go back and we have to accept that this is really the end.


I can’t remember your name.

Let’s go back to the start

we’ll do it all over again.

We’ll mend each others heart

like we always did before

but it’s different now,

love is not here anymore.

Even if we took our vow

we’ll try to make it through,

to always be with each other,

calm ourselves and be sober.

I guess we’ll call a truce

and live again to fight another.

Credits to the Photo Owner