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I’m starting to be active again (woohoo!) let’s do this Mystery Blogger Award which Sahana Mandal nominated me for, go visit her blog at SIT DOWN AND CHAT


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My Relationship With Blogging

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I took a break from blogging for more than a week because I started getting tired of it. I decided to be active again on blogging when I quit my job a couple of months ago because I have nothing else to do. I was posting everyday and I was having fun with the whole process of it but I lose interest on things so quickly, that me being active on blogging for months became so tiring, it wasn’t because I was drained or it felt like a chore, I just lost my interest plus I was having my depression session at the same time. But I never stopped writing even when I was taking a break, I was just too lazy to post it, I lost the interest in the process of blogging. Blogging is not a two-step process that when you write you just hit publish right away, there’s more to it and I lost interest in doing all of that. So, I needed to step away from it for a while to regain that interest then I kind of started comparing it to my relationships.


My relationship with blogging is like any other relationship I have with the people in my life. I love them but I need space from them, I need some time away from them. I need to regain interest to spend time with them, and to actually miss talking to them. And, I guess it’s also like that for me when it comes to blogging, I love it but when I do it in a long consistent time it becomes “boring” because it’s repetitive. And if you keep doing things over and over again it becomes uninteresting to the point it becomes dreadful and I don’t want that to happen. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? 😉

I had lots of trouble keeping my blogging schedule for the longest time, and I still don’t know how to handle this blog for now but all I’m saying is expect that I will have this sudden breaks every now and then lol.

Anyways, I missed this space so I will get back to reading your blogs yay! 🤗

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I’m Taking A Break

Hey everyone, I’ve been out for a couple of days and I’m still taking some time off from writing. I just wanted to post an update here, I just need some time away to regain motivation and inspiration to write. Blogging can be so overwhelming sometimes, and right now I feel like I needed to focus more on other things. I hope to come back soon but I will take all the time to regain some peace of mind. This is me taking some time off for the sake of my mental health. See you all again soon! 🥺💕

Life & Blog Update

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I have been unmotivated to write, I think you can notice it on my writings lately. Who knew the lack of activities in your life can overwhelm you? I’m still adjusting to this lazy life that I’m currently living but my hope is still there to finally get my break.

And for the meantime, this blog has been my “job”. During this quarantine, I have put in effort into rebuilding it and I have been writing my heart out again, but lately I’ve been feeling this lack of motivation and interest to keep myself writing. This blog means a lot to me because I created something out from scratch and it achieved so much more than I could have expected. Starting this blog was the bravest thing that I have done in my life, sharing my thoughts, writing about my experiences, and being vulnerable. That’s why ever since I started being active again on here, I push myself to write at least one piece everyday because I fear if I stopped, I would fall into that habit of not caring anymore. I would literally be deserting this blog all of a sudden. And I have this trait that I’m not proud of, where I get tired of things easily. I often question everything that I do and this blog was one of them, I had thoughts of deleting this blog multiple times because I feel like it’s just nonsense, and sadly I kind of been thinking about it again.

I am fine though, I just get days like these where it’s just not my day and I’m totally cool with it and I kind of got used to it, where I say to myself that this will pass. That’s why I still show up and I still write everyday even if I’m not proud of the outcome, at least I did something and I tried. I am writing this to let you know that having doubts about what you do once in a while is completely normal, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we feel shitty about ourselves and sometimes we’re too confident, that’s just the way it is. What’s important is you still do it and you still show up.

Anyways, I still hope to post one blog a day, and that’s my only blogging goal that I need to focus on. I’ve been wanting to get more engagements recently but it takes a lot of hard work to promote your blog, and I don’t really want to get stressed on that. Plus, I’m not really fond of social media nowadays, and running my blog’s social accounts take a lot of time. And that is why I also put off my commenting on other blogs and just leave likes on them, to be honest I think too hard of what I comment on other people’s blog posts. I have a tendency to be very sarcastic and upfront, to the point that it doesn’t make sense or it can be offensive lol. That is why it takes a lot of my time to form an actual comment, and I also follow a lot of blogs and it takes me a whole day to catch up on them. If I just leave likes on your blog posts just know that I really viewed and read it, I’m that added 1 view from Philippines lol. Though, I still do commenting on posts that I really have something to say, and doesn’t make me think too hard about it. ☺️

I guess that’s all for today, you are dismissed. See you on my next post and hopefully it’s a much better one than this.

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