You’re the only one who can really help yourself. 


You don’t need to rely your wellness on anybody.


It’s your mind and body, you are responsible for it.


You may need someone to be there and support you but it’s your whole work to do, it’s your task and it’s not a chore that you can pass on someone to do it for you.


If you fall and break down, it’s okay. Take a break once in awhile, just breathe and rethink your steps then get back up.


You need to be strong for yourself because in reality we are all alone in this thing and everybody else is just there to watch or in some cases if you’re lucky some people will guide you but they can never be the one who can fully help you.


It’s all on you, it’s your life and you have the steering wheel. You have the choice of which path to take.


This is your thing. Take charge of it.