I just uploaded some pictures from my trip in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China on my Instagram account. Check them out on my Instagram 😉


Lately, I’ve been thinking…

If I should write an individual post about my trip in Hong Kong and China or just share it in this “Life Lately” post. So, if I post this then the latter it is.

Lately, I’ve been feeling… 

Really tired 😴 That trip was really draining. The reason it was very tiring was because we went on a group tour so we had a very strict time schedule that we needed to follow. We needed to wake up at 6 am if we didn’t want to be late. And also it was very hot that it’s quite irritating, it added to that tiring feeling. But we also had fun especially on our free day which was our first day, we’re supposed to go to the Ocean Park but we had a delayed flight and also we just went there on our own. We took the train which me and my family felt like we had mastered the commuting life in Hong Kong lol. Though we got a bit lost which was really funny but we found our way around after asking for directions. When we got to the Ocean Park, we were so late and the ticket we bought was not an individual ticket, it was a group tour so we needed to be there on time. In the end we didn’t get to tour the Ocean Park which was really a waste of time, energy and money. We decided to go to Mong Kok instead.

We got lost in Hong Kong so many times which was probably the reason why we got so tired to the point that we can barely walk lol. 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…

To get a massage. To sleep. We just got back a few hours ago and I’ve already slept but I feel like I need to sleep more to catch up on all the sleeps I lost over that trip lol. 

Lately, I’ve been doing…

Too much walking and standing that’s why my legs feel like it’s going to fall off from my body. The clear overview of our trip in Hong Kong and China was tiring over fun. 

Lately, I’ve been hoping…

To finally get a freaking job!!! I put my job-hunt on hold because of this trip and now I’m back home and back to my normal life. I need to start that hunt again. 

How’s your life lately? 


I had an amazing five days in the island and paradise of El Nido, Palawan. Being connected with nature, just seeing blue and green feels so rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul. Being sun-kissed made me feel grateful for the wonderful creation of this paradise.

I went with my family for this vacation last May 16, 2017 mainly it was just three days that we got to stay in El Nido the other two days was for traveling to get to El Nido and traveling back home, it was a 5 hours drive from the airport to El Nido vice-versa. For 3 days we went island hopping, seeing more and getting deeper with what this paradise could offer— it didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful views that I was seeing, I didn’t even bother to take lots of pictures because taking it all in was enough for me, I don’t want to see it through the lenses or screen. Just sitting in the boat, inhaling the fresh wind, lying in the sand, floating in the sea, staring at the beauty of the islands was enough to store it in my memory bank labeled “memorable”. It was a busy 3 days, our time was limited but we really enjoyed it, for 3 days we had a routine; we wake up at 6:30am to have breakfast and to get ready for we had to leave at 8am for the island hopping which ends at around 4pm then we need to take a shower to head out for dinner and then we go back to our hotel rooms at around 9pm to get some rest. 

Three days went by so fast, I wish we had more time to explore and there’s one tour that we missed and also a beach that all the people there said that we should go to, I guess we’ll visit it when we go back there (hopefully soon).

I should say more but I’m not a “travel blogger” I just really wanted to write how relaxing my vacation was but here’s a great travel blog guide that I found by The Travelin’ Boots: Discover El Nido, Palawan: The Ultimate Travel Guide (2017)

It was indeed a much needed vacation for I have to get back on that job-hunting thing and I got to unwind to release and forget my anxiety for awhile. Now that I’m home I need to face the reality again. Thank you El Nido, Palawan for a great time. I’ll see you again… soon.

Check out my instagram for more photos, some photos were shot by me but most photos were captured by my family so credits to them.



March 30, 2016 – Hidden Valley Springs, Laguna, Philippines

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March 31, 2016 – Camaya Coast, Bataan, Philippines

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*PHOTO CREDITS: Joana Salazar





Finally! After a stressful semester I can finally unwind and relax.


Summer break is already starting for me but unlike any other break mine is a bit different, me and my family get to help through this medical mission that my cousin and her boss is currently doing here in the Philippines. My cousin brought her boss who is a doctor and 20 other student nurse from the U.S.A to have their medical mission here, they’re going to stay here for about two weeks and we are going to tag along. Day 1 happened yesterday even though all we did was gave out medicines it was pretty tiring especially when it’s damn hot it added to the tiring and irritating feeling, anyways it was fun though. After this medical mission we’re going to be at Puerto Galera to chill for awhile which I am looking forward to especially the food that we are going to eat lol.

Besides that I am also looking forward to this summer break because I get to be more active here in blogging and reading other blogs and most especially books, I’ve been missing a lot of great books so this summer break I am going to catch up on my reading and also writing.

Have a great summer guys or spring break for others. (depends on which country you’re from)