iPhone Users| Helpful Hidden Features Surprisingly Not A Lot Of People Know

I’m a fan of iPhone (that’s a strong opening. Android users, please don’t come at me), for me it’s just easier to use and navigate, and that’s just me, I know it’s different for everyone. Anyways, my fondness for iPhone is not the topic here, I want to share some helpful tips to iPhone users out there. I have been using these hidden features for a long time now, and I’m surprised that not a lot of people knows it.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this works with every iPhone, I‘m using an iPhone XR.

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We consider social media/internet as an essential, it’s like water now but what if social media and internet never existed? Can you imagine your life without it? 

Have you ever thought what it’s like to just live like it was before? No gadgets, no internet, no social media. 

This is my random thought right now, what could I possibly be doing right now if there was no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

I’d probably be…

  • Reading books
  • Sleeping
  • Watching more TV 
  • Out with my friends
  • Spending more time with my family
  • Doing household chores
  • “Studying”
  • Shopping at the mall

…oh whatever! Why am I even thinking about this?! It’s not like I can remove internet! 

But I guess you also probably thought about it, look deeper in life. There is a world out there much better than your internet life. You can do much more exciting things other than scrolling through your phones. Go out there and explore the REAL LIFE! 


I have multiple social media accounts, I have FacebookTwitter and Instagram and it SUCKS! 

I hate the way that it’s taking over me, I’m glued to my phone, it SUCKS!

I hate that I keep on scrolling on nonesense posts by my friends and other people, it SUCKS!

I hate that I can be on my phone for hours with just switching from those 3 apps and keep on seeing the same posts, it SUCKS!

I hate that when I wake up in the morning I initially check twitter, it SUCKS!

I hate that stupid people get famous through it, it SUCKS!

I hate seeing people fighthing through it because of noontime shows, it SUCKS! 

I hate the way when me and my friends are together they’re just on their phones checking their profiles, it SUCKS!

I hate the way social media is the way to tell a person how you feel rather than tell it personally, it SUCKS!

I hate how people use social media to create harm, it SUCKS!

I hate how people use social media to find the “love of their life”, it SUCKS!

And especially,

I hate that after all the things I’ve said in here, I’m still using these social networking sites, I SUCK!