Okay, I think most of you know how I love Taylor Swift so much and if you don’t know that yet now you do.

Big Red Machine released a song featuring Taylor Swift but she sang all the words lol. It’s called Renegade. To think that Taylor probably wrote all the words she can think of and all the stories she can tell and sing about by now— we’re wrong. Renegade is the sister of Long Story Short from Evermore in terms of the melody but in terms of the lyrics she haven’t written in this type of perspective and relationship before (I think). Renegade is the song I’ve been wanting to write about for so long now but I was too conscious to try because it talks about mental health and the toxicity it surrounds.

via Taylor Swift’s instagram

Renegade is about a certain relationship where one is going through personal challenges that hinders them to be the best version of themselves and prevent them from giving their partner the kind of love that they deserve. This is the kind of relationship where the other person is torn between weathering it out or just leave for the sake of their own mental health but there’s the thought of how they can be selfish especially when they know that their partner is going through a difficult time for them to just leave. I’ve been wanting to write from this perspective but I just don’t know how I should say that understanding someone dealing with their mental health can sometimes be too overwhelming to the point that being around them can also affect our own mental health. We stay because we feel guilty of leaving them in that state even when it starts hurting us too, we endure that to make it work and hope that one day that person will realize that they need to fix themself, and finally get that kind of love we expect from them.

Taylor Swift wrote it in ways that I wish I wrote it first lol. She worded it out with such honesty that when I first listened to this song it hit me so hard, and I couldn’t believed that she wrote this.


Lyric breakdown:

“I tapped on your window on your darkest night
The shape of you was jagged and weak
There was nowhere for me to stay, but I stayed anyway”

I relate this with how in a relationship there’s a point that we still feel like we’re still on the outside looking in on our partner’s life. And in this case I imagined how it’s a recurring experience where one was so guarded, problematic, and closed off in that relationship. And when it’s a thing that happen again and again it can lead to second thoughts of whether one should stay or just leave but often times there’s still that hope that it will get better someday for one to decide to stay. There are a lot of people who stay because of “potential” which is a very conflicting attitude towards everything. I loved that she used “tapping on a window” as a metaphor for that one.

“You wouldn’t be the first renegade to need somebody.”

I interpret the term “renegade” in this song as a traitor to one’s self. As this song obviously talks about a lover who’s dealing with their personal issues and for me I relate it with mental health. When a person deals with anxiety or depression they tend to abandon their confidence in themselves. The person singing this song clearly feels exhausted in this relationship to say this line, that they are not the only one dealing with that kind of problem.

“Is it insensitive for me to say, “Get your shit together so I can love you?”
Is it really your anxiety that stops you from giving me everything? Or do you just not want to?”

This is what I was too conscious to talk about. Having mental health problems is one thing but being with someone dealing with their own mental health problems is another thing. It can be too overwhelming and for someone it can also be toxic. Like, what Taylor wrote she acknowledges how it can be viewed as being insensitive to ask for their partner to fix themself. She also questioned is it really their personal issues stopping them from loving them fully or is she not worth it for that love.

“You fire off missiles ’cause you hate yourself
But do you know you’re demolishing me?
And then you squeeze my hand as I’m about to leave”

Oh my gosh my favorite line in the song. People with mental health problems can sadly be self-centered (talking from experience) they can be too occupied from hating themselves that they don’t realize that they’re hurting the people around them too. And then I interpreted the “squeeze my hand” part as saying that “everything will be okay, please be patient with me”. It’s that hope that your partner gives as you’re about to decide to leave. Like, asking you to wait just a little more because they know you’re exhausted in that relationship.

Dealing with mental health problems is very complicated. So, please stop romanticizing the idea of two broken people fixing each other or even just one broken person being fixed by their lover. It can take a lot out of a person to have this kind of a relationship.

This song is written perfectly in my opinion. I don’t know how Taylor keeps impressing me with her song writing for so many years now. Her songwriting ages well. You can also tell how much I dissected this song. You can also tell how I read into words too much especially when it’s a Taylor Swift song lol.

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As you can read in the title I haven’t really moved on from folklore (who has?) and I haven’t listened to anything after Taylor Swift dropped this bomb album. I feel like I didn’t express my love for the album enough from my previous review for the album because I initially wrote that review after my first listen to the album, I was so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you guys already without fully taking it in and reflecting. But now I did so many times, I am going to try my best here to explain my analysis of each songs and I’ll also try to rank it (please don’t hate me for this).

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Is listening to Taylor Swift a guilty pleasure? For some maybe but for me I’m not really guilty because you can’t deny that you know at least one Taylor Swift song and you sing to it at the top of your lungs inside your car. 

A few weeks ago Taylor Swift returned on Spotify and putting back all her albums on the streaming site which I was basically overjoyed because I use Spotify to listen to music because it saves so much space on my phone, now I feel like my playlist on Spotify is complete with her back on it. 

So right now I’m going to narrow down 10 underrated Taylor Swift songs even though all of her songs are so good, I’m going to pick only 10 songs that everyone should listen to and Taylor should have released as a single. 


1. Jump Then Fall – This song was included in the soundtrack of Valentine’s Day where Taylor starred in. 
2. Forever and Always – this version is when you’re mad after the break-up but I recommend you listening to the piano version unfortunately, it’s not on Youtube but here’s a Spotify link. The piano version is more like the stage of grieving in a break-up. You can feel the emotion, the pain of the break-up in this song especially when it comes to the bridge of the song where she sings “back up baby back up”, a perfect song when you feel like being melodramatic about a break-up. I like it when she sings acoustic because it brings out the beauty of her voice even more.

3. Never Grow Up – a very nostalgic song, makes you reminisce about your childhood days and wishing you could go back and just never grow up.

4. Enchanted – every time I hear this song it makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale, such great lyrics. It captures that feeling of a perfect first date, that stage in a relationship where you just can’t wait to meet that person again. I also love the lyric in the bridge “please, don’t be in love with someone else. Please, don’t have somebody waiting on you.” 

5. Last Kiss – another melodramatic break-up song but this is for like you want to be in bed all day and dwell on the break up.

6. Treacherous – it’s all about taking risks in love just like the song says “nothing safe is worth the drive”.

7. Stay Stay Stay – this is such a fun song to listen to it’s Christmassy even though it’s not a Christmas song, I just feel a Christmas vibe with the melody lol. The song is really about talking things through and staying in the relationship despite of all the arguments you face.

8. Clean – this is the song that Taylor wrote with Imogen Heap, I just find this song eccentric in terms of the sound you can really hear Imogen Heap in it. The lyrical content is also very relatable especially when you’re in the process of healing from something. 

9. How You Get The Girl – another enjoyable music to listen to, just like 22 (that rhymed!)

10. You Are In Love – perfect way to describe love and being in love. 

May I also add All Too Well, probably one of my most favorite Taylor Swift song, I already added it to another playlist before so I didn’t include it in here. Well, that’s my top 10 underrated Taylor Swift songs, comment your favorite Taylor Swift song/s 😊.


P. S. Songs from 1989 album are not included in the Youtube playlist, couldn’t find a nice quality vid. Stream the whole Taylor Swift catalog on Spotify though if you like 😊. 

Taylor Swift on Spotify