Hello again everyone! I’m just here to promote and support my friend’s donation drive to help jeepney drivers in the Philippines who lost their source of livelihood due to the pandemic, now they are begging on the streets for some food to eat for them and their families.

During the quarantine for more than 3 months now they didn’t have any source of income, most of them rely on driving jeepneys to get on with their lives. This is not about working harder, this is about losing the only opportunity they have to earn and without the support of the gov’t.

So guys, if you could share this and even donate any amount please do. Thank you so much!

You can visit their facebook page for more info. https://m.facebook.com/5upport.5upport/


In times when you feel the room is getting a little gloomy, switch the light on. But if you still feel like the room is getting stuffy, open the windows. And if you feel like the room is a little plain, paint it in whatever colors you like. When the silence in the room deafens you turn your favorite music up as loud as your speakers can. And when you feel so alone just call me up and we’ll stay together in that room.