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I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo for so long and also because my sister having two huge tattoos on her back, I got curious.

So when I was seventeen I decided to get one on the exact date of my birthday. 


The reason for the design is that I’ve been deciding whether I wanted a puzzle piece, a tree or a bird and luckily I came across this design where it got all that I wanted.

Getting this tattoo was out of impulse. I was on the stage of my life where I think rebellious stuff are cool but I never regretted getting this.

Now it’s been two years and I’m actually tired of hearing the exact same questions over and over again. So I’m gonna answer it now.

Things that I’m tired of hearing because of my tattoo: Read More »



TOPIC: Tattoos

I really hate the stereotypes of having a tattoo like they are criminals, not educated and how come those with tattoos are limited to be professionals?

Tattoos are self-expressions that you wear just like your clothes, make-up and accessories, so why do we have to hide it during interviews? I don’t think having a tattoo can define a person’s skills and abilities to do a job.

As a person with a tattoo, I don’t really get why others think negatively of us. Like when they see my tattoo they will ask why? I hate that they have to ask “why?” I think tattoos are cool and I like it isn’t that enough reason? I don’t question why you’re wearing that clothes aren’t I?

Frankly speaking we tattooed people don’t care if you’re not tattooed, we understand if you don’t like it so don’t get one but also understand that we all have different interests and likings. Some of the best people I’ve met have tattoos and it’s just plainly sad that others still don’t accept the concept of it.

Stop stereotyping! 

R E S P E C T 

This post wasn’t supposed to be a rant but it happened sorry.

Here is my tattoo


I will share the story of it in a different post.