This post is a little late due to procastination (sorry) but I really want to share these two albums on repeat since it has been released.

TRENCH by Twenty One Pilots & MALIBU NIGHTS by LANY.

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Is listening to Taylor Swift a guilty pleasure? For some maybe but for me I’m not really guilty because you can’t deny that you know at least one Taylor Swift song and you sing to it at the top of your lungs inside your car. 

A few weeks ago Taylor Swift returned on Spotify and putting back all her albums on the streaming site which I was basically overjoyed because I use Spotify to listen to music because it saves so much space on my phone, now I feel like my playlist on Spotify is complete with her back on it. 

So right now I’m going to narrow down 10 underrated Taylor Swift songs even though all of her songs are so good, I’m going to pick only 10 songs that everyone should listen to and Taylor should have released as a single. 


1. Jump Then Fall – This song was included in the soundtrack of Valentine’s Day where Taylor starred in. 
2. Forever and Always – this version is when you’re mad after the break-up but I recommend you listening to the piano version unfortunately, it’s not on Youtube but here’s a Spotify link. The piano version is more like the stage of grieving in a break-up. You can feel the emotion, the pain of the break-up in this song especially when it comes to the bridge of the song where she sings “back up baby back up”, a perfect song when you feel like being melodramatic about a break-up. I like it when she sings acoustic because it brings out the beauty of her voice even more.

3. Never Grow Up – a very nostalgic song, makes you reminisce about your childhood days and wishing you could go back and just never grow up.

4. Enchanted – every time I hear this song it makes me feel like I’m in a fairytale, such great lyrics. It captures that feeling of a perfect first date, that stage in a relationship where you just can’t wait to meet that person again. I also love the lyric in the bridge “please, don’t be in love with someone else. Please, don’t have somebody waiting on you.” 

5. Last Kiss – another melodramatic break-up song but this is for like you want to be in bed all day and dwell on the break up.

6. Treacherous – it’s all about taking risks in love just like the song says “nothing safe is worth the drive”.

7. Stay Stay Stay – this is such a fun song to listen to it’s Christmassy even though it’s not a Christmas song, I just feel a Christmas vibe with the melody lol. The song is really about talking things through and staying in the relationship despite of all the arguments you face.

8. Clean – this is the song that Taylor wrote with Imogen Heap, I just find this song eccentric in terms of the sound you can really hear Imogen Heap in it. The lyrical content is also very relatable especially when you’re in the process of healing from something. 

9. How You Get The Girl – another enjoyable music to listen to, just like 22 (that rhymed!)

10. You Are In Love – perfect way to describe love and being in love. 

May I also add All Too Well, probably one of my most favorite Taylor Swift song, I already added it to another playlist before so I didn’t include it in here. Well, that’s my top 10 underrated Taylor Swift songs, comment your favorite Taylor Swift song/s 😊.


P. S. Songs from 1989 album are not included in the Youtube playlist, couldn’t find a nice quality vid. Stream the whole Taylor Swift catalog on Spotify though if you like 😊. 

Taylor Swift on Spotify


Let’s talk about this great album shall we? Paramore released their latest album After Laughter after 4 years and to be honest I stopped listening to them when they started being more “pop”, I like them better during the RIOT! era but yesterday I decided to check their latest album and track by track their synth-pop sound and beautifully crafted lyrics speaks to me. I got the same vibe when I listened to Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel album— a deep message hides behind the happy and lively melody. Don’t let the album cover fool you with it’s rainbow colors that you may think of a unicorn, it’s very deceiving.

“Walking around with my little rain cloud, hanging over my head and it ain’t coming down.” – Hard Times

“I’m so annoyed ’cause I just killed off what was left of the optimist in me.” – Rose-Colored Boy

“Please don’t ask me how I’ve been, don’t make me play pretend. What’s the use, I bet everybody here is fake happy too.” -Fake Happy

Paramore evolved and maybe at first the changes in their sound quite disappointed me because I really loved their rock sound but music progress and evolves every year and they can’t stay the same forever I know people loved what they used to be but they need to step it up and do some changes as well. For their After Laughter album they created a sound that they can’t associate with their other albums which I think the goal of every artist. 


Safe to say that I love the album very much. Have a listen for yourself. 

Stream on Spotify: After Laughter