I really took the time to write this reaction to Taylor Swift’s fully owned 7th album Lover, and what I meant by fully owned is that she really own her art. I actually didn’t know that these things were going on behind the scenes in music industry, that artists don’t fully own what they create. If you don’t know what I am talking about here’s an article about Scooter Braun buying Swift’s masters which means that all Taylor Swift’s album in the past is now owned by someone she doesn’t approve of having her life’s work. But now with her 7th album Lover, it’s now hers.

Now, with my honest reaction to the album, all I have to say is that the dark phase of Taylor has passed and this album felt more like the Taylor Swift we grew up listening to. I feel the 1989 vibes with this album, I’m loving the synth pop in this and I think this a great-big-grammy-deserving pop album.

I’ve been listening to the album since it was released and I haven’t listened to anything other than this album. In first impression (first listen) I already conclude that Taylor is truly in love and I’m so happy for her because after all the things she’s been through she deserve this and it shows that she’s really happy. This album is for the London Boy Joe Alwyn (Taylor’s current boyfriend for 3 years now), Taylor mostly written songs on different aspects of emotions that you feel when you’re in love, she expresses her giddiness with tracks like Paper Rings, I Think He Knows, London Boy. The feeling of doubts and fear that maybe something will go wrong can be felt in the tracks: Cornelia Street, Death By A Thousand Cuts, Afterglow. And lastly, the feeling of finding that true love in Lover, and Daylight. But Taylor also expresses her political and societal beliefs in this album through tracks like The Man where she focuses on the double standards in the society and this song screams women empowerment. Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince was said to be about Taylor finally being vocal about her political beliefs that is metaphorically set in high school. You Need To Calm Down is for all the haters and her support to LGBTQ community.

How the album was arranged chronologically was a bit off for me but I understand how she wanted to start the album with an attention grabber and a feel good melody that is catchy with the first two tracks I Forgot That You Existed, and Cruel Summer. I also understand how she wanted to end the album with Daylight, having to find that love and understanding it more.

Track by track reaction

1.I Forgot That You Existed – Catchy beat, I love the finger snaps. Fun but kind of shady. I love the line and delivery “it isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference”.

2.Cruel Summer – Personal Favorite. Kind of like a continuation of Getaway Car and I get it because it’s with Jack Antonoff.

3.Lover – Wedding song, Slow dancing

4.The Man – OMG I keep saying “you go girl” while listening to this.

5.The Archer – least favorite but an okay mellow song.

6.I Think He Knows – a cheeky song, feel like I want to dance to this song with my girlfriends.

7.Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince – I kind of hear Halsey singing this. I love the line “you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes”.

8.Paper Rings – I hear this playing in a 2000’s rom com movie. Uggghhh Taylor is really in love.

9.Cornelia Street – Personal Fave. I don’t know why, but I remember the same feeling I have with All Too Well in this, this song grows on you. (Taylor’s fear of losing Joe).

10.Death By A Thousand Cuts – Fave. The production in this is weirdly perfect. This is about the movie Someone Great.

11.London Boy – Joe. Joe. Joe.

12.Soon You’ll Get Better ft. Dixie Chicks – Acoustic. Get Your Tissues. You’ll Cry. This is about Taylor’s mom battling cancer.

13.False God – The saxophone!!!

14.You Need To Calm Down – Love Wins

15.Afterglow – it’s okay, nice hook, I’d sing to it.

16.ME! – Fun song and Brendon Urie! That’s all I can say.

17.It’s Nice To Have A Friend – This songs creeps me out lol. Least fave.

18.Daylight – Loving the reference on Red “I once believed love would be burning red but it’s golden like daylight”

The album melodically speaking is very pleasant to listen to, it’s very relaxing and makes you want to feel in love. Lyrically it’s a masterpiece, Taylor is known for her lyrics and it still shows how she perfectly crafted each word in every song, like these words were meant to be in that line, in that chord and in that beat. I’m a fan of country Taylor so nothing will beat that, but as a pop icon, this for me is just the same love I had with her 1989 album which won a grammy so this one also deserve one.

Taylor described her album in a tweet as: celebration of love, in all its complexity, coziness, and chaos. It truly is a celebration of love, I’m really happy for her. You’ll be in love even though you aren’t just by listening to this album Lover.

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