​There are so many voices
influencing my choices

and my mind is a mess

I think I want the best

but I’m becoming less

of who I really am.

I think my life is in vain,

maybe I’m not supposed to play this game.

It’s becoming lame. 

Do you feel the same?

Like you’re not where you’re supposed to be,

these are not what you’re supposed to see,

we’re supposed to be free but where are we?

Me? I’m still here, living in fears.

Okay I need to breathe, I need a beer.

I have this mind I need to clear.

I fall into temptations,

think I have no other options,

now I ask for my salvation.

I point and aim,

though I’m the one to blame.

I made the flame,

now it’s on fire,

it’s not what I desire,

now I’m in dire 

need of help—

I need to save myself.

The choices I’ve made

led to this fate,

I run towards my faith,

am I already too late? 


Searching for a purpose for the lost cause. Blessed be those who knows what to do but guide those wandering souls in their wide cerebral universe that is narrowing down, every turn in the road seems to be a dead end and in what they call an existential crisis everything is questionable, everything is void of meaning. 

Finding the meaning of existing could lead to confusion, emotions start to rise and now you’re filling up your mind for what you thought would suffice the meaning of your life. Kill those monsters in your mind and start forming something to find your passion maybe from there your purpose will follow. 


Here I am again with my late night thoughts. I was thinking of starting to read a book but instead I decided to just write. Venting out at around 2am, mostly contemplating and asking myself questions about logical explanation on things like what’s the point of all of these? What’s the point of life? I just started to think about the point of life when it’s all going to end at some time. Because everything that we have right now won’t even matter if we can’t even take it with us when we die. 
They say it’s the legacy that we will leave behind, the memory and how you made an impact in the world but does it really matter? Is it that we live to be too conscious on how we will be remembered after we’re gone? Is that the point of life? Is that the point that we’re doing all of the things that we’re doing right now? 
Then there’s the afterlife that I don’t really know if I should believe in it. Life is just so fascinating and intriguing. Well it’s currently around 2am right now and I’m asking myself those questions lol. It’s amazing how our brain works at this time of the hour and how we contemplate on things just to find answers or in some cases have more questions. 


What is the point of life for you? Share it in the comments maybe. 😉