Tight rope around her mind,
tied around her own spine,
knotted to bind herself from 

becoming something hard to find. 

Locked herself to defuse the pain
inside of her for she refused 
to be in the wrong lane 
that she’d unconsciously chose to be in. 

Wanting to escape the torturing
caused by her own musings, 
she found a way to disembark 
the car that her demons were driving. 

Her caged words and emotions
wanting to be freed, 
through a pen she decided
for it to be released 
but on a closed book,
only the one who wrote it
could read. 


Time has passed 
but it still haunts us down
the thing that cost us
to make mistakes and make us frown.

People come and go
but we still hold on
to the memories they decided to forgo.
Now we ponder on why they left and why we’re all alone. 

It’s time to move past this
and forget it all,
for it’s in the past and that’s what it is,
we need to let it all go for us to stand tall.


All the drinks I would drink just to forget the loneliness. To cleanse the pain and the wound that is inside of this heart. Just to be free for tonight and for a few hours, to get away from the reality that we all want to escape. I’m drowning myself of toxic liquids that’ll leave me this intense headache when I wake up but at least for tonight I’ll forget about everything. 


I go way deeper as I go further. I’m slowly falling into this complete oblivion. Desiccating in everything that life has to offer and feeling of dissociating from everyone to avoid disappointments. For everything I touch turns to black, everything that I once had in the palm of my hands is now slipping away from my grasp and everything that I once stared at with so much love is now a dead plant in my eyes. But I will soon reconnect with everything. 

Maybe. Hopefully. Registered & Protected 




She’s been cut, punched, tortured in so many different ways for so long that her body is now numb, her brain is now shut and her heart is now cold. It made her stronger and wiser but it also changed her to a person that she didn’t want to become.

For so long she pretends to be strong, she never let anyone see her weak. She is the greatest deflector that there is. But for how long can she pretend to be fine? How long can she live in misery? Can she ever find the contentment that she’s been seeking?