I’ve been contemplating on life every night,

I’m filling my mind with every possibilities,

Thinking of what is wrong and what is right,

Then abusing my mind with too much worries. 

There are nights when I imagine too much,

And it makes life very difficult to foresee,

Pictures in my mind are too painful to watch,

I lie in bed hoping that it would finally set me free. 


My mind wouldn’t let me sleep even though the darkness of the night seems so inviting and with this bed so soft that is intended for a good sleep.

I feel the weight of my eyelids getting heavy, I feel my eyes starting to finally close then suddenly an electric shock in my head made my eyes open from my supposed sleep.

I’m awake into this nothingness, my mind keeps on whispering things and I try to close my eyes so tight to ignore them until tears shed into my pillow case, it keeps flowing until I finally fell asleep.

I wake up in the morning what I felt like a long sleep then looking at the clock realizing only minutes had passed by. I go on another day fully awake and later tonight I will face my thoughts again until I fall asleep.