It went all blank, the mind that was once filled with too much noise. It was terrifying that it all stopped— the over-drowning thoughts, it was always there but now it’s all gone. It was quiet— too quiet that it makes it more numbing, “why am I not thinking, even feeling things anymore?” I ask myself. Now, I’m walking through this life with blank eyes, even more afraid that I’m not afraid of anything anymore.


You care so much

what others think

that you let yourself

drown and sink

to words that adds

to the weight

that you already

have and hate.

Now, the thing is

you overthink this

your mind makes a list

of things you should dismiss

your mind is not in peace

and it’s like a disease,

when will it ever cease?


They say it’s a chemical imbalance to think and feel this way,
Maybe we still do have a chance for tomorrow is another day.

“It’ll be okay” that’s what they say for them they think it’s just a phase, just another case of a trend but it’s not my friend.

Let’s talk about it instead but let me just state this. It’s not aesthetic to wish you were dead.
Let’s discuss it without romanticizing what is being said.

Disappointments arise from feeding information,
I hope it’s not all just for the sake of attention,
not more lives to be at stake and be a consolation— a failed product of this discussion.


I hope tonight the wave of thoughts would stop coming into your mind. 

I hope tonight you only think about the times you smiled, laughed and had fun with your friends and family. 

I hope tonight you’ll finally stop crying about your problems and realize that your life is worth living. 

I hope tonight you see your worth and know that someone cares about you and that YOU MATTER. Someone is happy because you exist. 

I hope tonight you sleep with a smile on your face and not with those puffy eyes.

I hope tonight you dream again. The dreams you had when you were a child.

I hope tonight you regain your faith and your optimism. 

And I hope tonight you hope as well. 


Remove all the clocks and remove the idea of time would you ever sleep?

Late night thoughts are rushing in that means questions in my mind are forming and for tonight this is my “ridiculous” question. 

If ever we never had the idea of time, if we never had the notion of when we see the stars and moon in the sky it’s time to sleep and a specific time like 3am is really late, would you sleep or would you stay up a little more?