I spent my last days of semestral break on watching all the movie installments of X-Men just because I find superhero movies cool and I don’t really have anything to write about these days so I decided to write something about it and I actually picked up quite a few things from the movie(s).


Here are the 5 important things that I find very interesting in the movie:Read More »


There’s a bunch of things that I hate and dislikes:






Empty promises.

Being ignored.

People leaving.

Being left out.



Silence (sometimes).


Eye contacts.

Being misunderstood.




Screaming and shouting.


Asking for help.


When people does not think.

Myself. Every part.



I have been living in darkness for so long I actually embraced it. 

I never thought that the absence of light will comfort me. 

I love the night, the moon and how its light hit the lake, the twinkling stars, the city lights and especially the silence.

Loving the darkness makes me feel braver because for some it is one of the scariest thing.

Some would think how lonely the sight of nothing is but for me it’s everything.

I often think that maybe I love the darkness so much because I also have a dark place inside of me and even though I don’t see much through it I’m still walking through that dark place, it’s like hoping to see a light on the other side of the tunnel and even though I already saw the light I’m prolonging my stay in that darkness because I appreciate it more and I got used to it. I often get out of that tunnel but once in awhile I revisit it because it has been a part of who I am now.

But what I’m really trying to state here is that…

I’m very much of a night person, I just feel at ease when it’s dark and I also prefer traveling when it’s night time. I just love how everything light up when it’s dark maybe that’s why I have quite an obsession with going to New York because it’s the city that never sleeps and all those city lights are just beautiful. My soul feels more alive when it’s dark, it’s like everything feels more real and alive.

Are you a day or a night person?