You have the right to be happy don’t let others affect that. 🙂



We all have that scar that bled and hurt us in the past. Well I do.

There is that one particular event in my life that really hurt me and it changed me forever. That event and that scar of mine is permanent, it’s a part of my life and I will carry it forever. Yes, it hurts from time to time like it’s a fresh wound but then I realized that this scar means something and for me it is an everyday reminder and motivation to move past that misery and to be better. Others stop and cry when they get hurt, they dwell on their sadness that eventually break them. Pain demands to be felt and it’s what makes you feel alive. It’s okay to take a minute to process and be sad for awhile but sooner or later you have to move on or else that sadness will eat you.

“Shit happens!” “Everything happens for a reason.



Remember when you were a kid, when you fell, tripped or scratched your knees you cried right? Because you got hurt but eventually the pain faded away and it did not stopped you on playing and running again. Why is it so simple when we were younger? Anyways, that’s what I’ve realized this day because I was going on one of my moods again, the cloud of sadness is unfortunately revisiting.

Don’t let those wounds and scars stop you, don’t sit and cry forever because of a damn wound or scratch that is now a scar. Make that permanent scar as an everyday motivation and make a positive out of negative. Cheers!