Temporary Home

Currently on a blogging break again not because I’m lazy (again) but because we moved out from our home that is being renovated, we moved in to a small apartment for awhile until our house is done. So, I haven’t been able to focus with all our stuff lying around in this apartment.

Though, I’ve been thinking of a lot of ideas to blog about, I just haven’t been able to write it lol. That is why the drafts on my phone is wildly increasing as of the moment 😅. Full of unfinished writings and ideas, hopefully our house will be done before Christmas. My family decided to fix our house so that there’s something good that happened to all of us this year, which was a very good idea. What a way to welcome a new year with a newly renovated home. ☺️

Of course, I’m going to blog about it. Can’t wait for Christmas! ☺️🎄🎅🏼.


I guess everyone has a New Year’s resolution, a goal, a habit they want to stop, to change their mindset on things this year etc. I have two but I’ll only disclose one. This is my goal for 2017, to be neutral. 

Setbacks are inevitable we can’t actually dodge it but it’s how we handle it that matters. For this year preparation is the key, though you can’t really totally prepare for it. It’s like a natural disaster, you’ll never know when and how hard it’s going to hit (remove the technologies for this matter) but just to be sure I have to do something to lessen the impact. I’ve had a lot of emotional breakdowns and setbacks for the last year(s) especially during 2016 and I decided that it’s enough this 2017 but I know that I can’t avoid it especially for a girl like me who is too emotional and sensitive lol. But never again will I let myself fall deeply into the rabbit hole, my main plan this year is to be Neutral. Yes, be neutral. Not to be happy too much like I’m setting myself up for a big downfall and not to be sad too much to feel like death will be the solution. This year I want everything to be balance so when a setback arrives I somehow know how to handle it for I am neutral and calm. 

I’ve got the plan, now my problem is to find that “life vest” the one that will help me not drown. I’m a very emotional person and this plan is solid but it will not be easy for me to do for I dwell on sadness too much — and while writing that question, it suddenly came to me. MY FAITH! (how could I forgot about that?) My faith will be my life vest, my life guard that will help me float when I feel myself drowning. I guess I’m all settled in for this year well emotions-wise but I guess my emotional state is more important to me this year for dealing with this first will help me figure out the other technicalities of my life like graduating, working and my future. 

To sum it up this year I will be neutral and balance from there I might be one step closer to my main goal in life which is to be truly happy.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? 

I’M READY 2016


It has been a great year, there may have been struggles along the way but I can say that it has been a memorable year for me.

Thank you 2015 for all the memories and all the lessons that you taught me and for that I think that I can face 2016 better than I have faced 2015.

I usually set goals or New Year’s resolution and for this year it will probably still the same goals that I had ever since which are just to be better from last year. Be more optimistic. Be thrifty and save more. Be more fit and active. Have a better mindset about school and my future. And lastly is to just have a more stronger faith and just continue to be thankful and believe in His plans for me, whatever happens this year I know God planned that for me.

I am having a good feeling for this year also my horoscope said so not that I really believe in it but I truly believe that this year will be so much better than 2015.

I can say that I am ready for what 2016 has set for me. I am ready for the new challenges and lessons that I will encounter. I am ready for new people that will come into my life. I am ready for new beginnings. I am ready for changes. Bring it on 2016!