Playlist 23 | Chill Vibes


the 1 by Taylor Swift

Cowboy in LA by LANY

Must Have Been The Wind by Alec Benjamin

Saturday Nights by Khalid

I Believe by Jonas Brothers

Love Her by Jonas Brothers

Sober by Childish Gambino

Godspeed by Frank Ocean

Missing You by The Vamps

I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You by Gentle Bones

I’m very picky when it comes to new music, maybe because I’m getting older and I’m still stuck at the 90’s and early 2000’s music. But I do appreciate these chill vibe kind of music nowadays, it’s kind of perfect for this sweater weather that we currently have. Enjoy this playlist!

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Share Your Story 03 | The Power Of Music


“Hey, I think that your blog, it could be really interesting. But uhh storytelling… Okay so I will start with words “I don’t feel okay last times”. I knew, that people feels bad sometimes and it drags them down to the bottom. You shared a post in twenty one pilots group, so it’s obvious I will response that music keeps me alive. Every single day. I started to feel worse when my mother had to go to mental hospital. I have no idea from where it is (my bad mood) and the way I feel is teribble. I can’t stand this anymore. I think nobody will understand. I don’t know what is right, to look for some help or better do handle it by myself. I started to hurt myself, and every day is a fight. Im just exhausted but I Will fight cuz I have a reason to why live for. We don’t have to create music, we can take it, discover like a new mattery. It’s unbelievable how sounds and beats can save us. I thought, weeelll it’s not true how it could be! But truth is different. Please, take care all of you watch your mind and never let it rule you. Like my friend said, not all the words our minds are telling are honest. Keep going.”



Here we are again with another inspiring story from someone who’s brave enough to tell us how they cope with struggles that revolves around their mental health. I shared my post to a Facebook group that I’m a member of, it’s a Twenty One Pilots fan group, and this community is by far the best that there is, it really makes you believe that you are not alone.

I’ve been a fan of Twenty One Pilots since 2015, read all about it here. The thing about their songs are the lyrics that people relate to especially those who are struggling with their mental health. I for one was one of those people who was saved by this band. I have one of their song tattooed on me. And this band even inspires my writings. This just shows how powerful music is, I wonder what Tyler and Josh feel when people say that the thing that they do saves people? I think it is such a big accomplishment for them. In this digital age, I think it’s so important to have somebody in the entertainment industry to make people who feel misunderstood to be understood by making thousands and even millions of them sing “we’re broken people” and know that they are truly not alone.

via pinterest

Anyways, this is one of the small things you have to live for, if you give up you’re not going to be able to listen to your favorite music anymore or you won’t get to see what happens next to your favorite show etc. We may feel like we don’t have something too big to live for but we have these little things. Always look at those little things in your life that makes you happy even for awhile, even if it’s temporary and just live for it. And like what our story teller said keep fighting and keep going.

Thank you to our story sender for this week. I hope you are doing okay and well, stay alive my friend 🤗. I’m leaving you here with Twenty One Pilots’ song Screen. Enjoy!

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Have you ever felt the power of music? What are the little things that you live for? Share it in the comments. 🤗

Always remember to be kind, not just on others but also on yourself. See you on my next post! ❤

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Playlist 22 | Early 2000’s Soundtrack


Dirty Little Secrets by The All-American Rejects

Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Just The Girl by The Click Five

Two Princes by Spin Doctors

The Anthem by Good Charlotte

All The Small Things by blink-182

Every Other Time by LFO

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

When It’s Over by Sugar Ray

Early 2000’s teen flicks has the best soundtracks ever, you can’t argue with me on that one. When you hear these songs, you can really picture those teen films in your head. These songs are just so iconic for me, also brings some nostalgia.

I have this playlist on Spotify full of Nostaligic songs for 90’s baby out there, you can follow it if you like. 😀

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I was trying to decide what songs to include in a playlist to share with you guys, but lately I’m stuck listening to Alec Benjamin’s album These Two Windows. He became known for his song Let Me Down Slowly in his last album Narrated For You. But I’ve known him before that from his songs Paper Crown, and The Way To Nowhere, I’ve been following him on Youtube and I kind of fangirl for a while especially when he liked one of my tweet.

Credits to MusiCares via Twitter

After my obsession with Taylor Swift’s Folklore album which I still listen to a lot but to get a break from the somberness of that album, I switch to Alec Benjamin every now and then to get a different kind of chill vibe that still makes me contemplate about life.

This album is only consisting of 10 very well written songs. If you know me, I’m more of a lyric person than a melody type of person when it comes to listening to songs. I don’t care if it’s catchy or not as long as I connected with the lyrics and if the lyrics is poetic enough that when you remove all the sounds and productions, it will still make sense and it will still be enjoyable to take in.

I compare Alec Benjamin with Ed Sheeran, he exerts that same energy in some level. He has a story based songs, and he writes all of his songs which I really admire from artists these days. If I am going to describe his sound, it’s a chill pop vibe and sad bops if that makes any sense. It’s the kind of songs that makes you bob your head, makes you think, and makes you sad but it’s relaxing at the same time.

Credits to Genius

Some of my fave lyrics from the album:

I’m just a tenant, paying rent inside this body and I
Got two windows and those windows, well I’ll call them my eyes
I’m just going where the wind blows, I don’t get to decide.

Mind Is A Prison

Trying to light a match in the rain
Like flying a kite in a hurricane
Like riding a bike with no air or chain
On a broken road, it’s a losing game

Match In The Rain

I’m just being realistic, being honest with myself
I’ve tried being optimistic but it doesn’t seem to help

I’m Not A Cynic

I swear that I’m not a cynic, my glass just has no water in it today.

I’m Not A Cynic

Well, at first I thought I’d have to bear this weight by myself
But when my knees were getting weak and I was in need of help
You were there to take away the pain that I felt


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In the words of Paramore, forgiving is not forgetting. Let’s talk about the problem with the saying “forgive and forget”, you can and should forgive but you should NEVER forget. You got hurt, a person did something bad to you, you can’t just forget that. That was a lesson and a warning, you can forgive them for the sake of your peace of mind but you should still look out for those signs, and it is not about having trust issues, it’s about protecting yourself.

I personally learned that this was the way to go, to move forward with life. So many people did me wrong and I didn’t know why I felt guilty because I said to myself that I forgave them but deep inside I was still hurt, and I didn’t forget what they did. I just couldn’t forgive them and just forget what they did to me, that was a lesson for me that I should have known from the start and I will be a complete idiot if they get to do it again. Then I started thinking to just move on and not be bothered by them anymore, I should just cut them off and stop caring if they’ll feel like that I am not the same person that I was before and that is their fault (that sounded so bad). It’s like for me, okay I forgive them, I don’t really care that much anymore about what happened but I will not let myself go through that again, what’s important is my inner peace, and it’s better if I just move on without them.

Okay, that sounded so bitter but it’s the best way to take care of your mental health. Why would you let yourself be pressured into fixing a relationship when you know they are never going to change? If the things they did to you is just a cycle, they say sorry then it’s fine, then it will happen again. Forgiveness is about letting go of the anger, and freeing yourself from hatred. And to effectively do it is by moving on and leaving it behind but also carrying the lesson it gave you. It’s really better to just move on and protect your inner peace, you are wiser now. Don’t let them bother you again. So, stop the saying “forgive and forget”, it should be “forgive and move on”.

I’m leaving you with a Paramore song that inspired me to write this one…