Written last March 20, 2017

Just want to write a short reaction on the film Hacksaw Ridge that I recently watched which is now one of my favorite film. The film tells a true story about beliefs and really holding onto it despite what other people are saying. Desmond Doss was a World War II soldier that had a strong belief of the commandment that “thou shall not kill” it was said that he was the first soldier to became a conscientious objector which means “an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service”. He refused to hold a rifle which was really quite intriguing if you wanted to be a soldier but holding onto his beliefs Desmond Doss never held a rifle even after being threatened and beaten up about it. He wanted to be a combat medic and wanted to save lives while others are killing each other. I was moved by the high morality of Desmond Doss. He was so brave to save his fellow wounded soldiers by himself and he even saved some Japanese soldiers too. And I really loved how he fought and stood up for what he really believed in. 
Got me questioning how strong are my beliefs and how far will I go to stand by it? Right now I think most people are easily persuaded and influenced by certain factors that can make a change in what they believe in, how most people follow trends just to stay “cool” and to not be left out “everybody’s doing it might as well do it too” 
Friendly reminder: Just because everybody’s doing it does not mean you have to do it as well. 

 You are you and you don’t have to copy what everybody else is doing. You have your own mind and focus on what you want. Everyone of us is different, different perspective, different personalities and different beliefs so respect everybody’s beliefs even if it contradicts yours and don’t ever think just because what you believe in is different from what others believe in makes your beliefs wrong, I think that’s the time you have to hold on to it a bit tighter. But to answer my question on how far will I go to fight for what I believe? I actually don’t know but I hope I get to stand by it when the time comes.

How far will you go to stand by for your beliefs? 😊


It’s this time of the year my favorite holiday. 


To get on that Christmas vibe besides busting Mariah Carrie’s All I Want For Christmas Is You over and over again, I’m sharing my two favorite Christmas films. Every Christmas all the shows on TV is most certainly about the holiday and I just want to appreciate these two animated films that I really enjoy watching every Christmas. 

1. Arthur Christmas

Who would have thought that Santa Claus has a kid right? This animated film was fun to watch. Meet Arthur and how he proves himself as Santa Claus’ child.

2. The Polar Express

I first watched this when I was just a kid, I was just around 8 years old and I secretly wished and imagined that a train would magically appear in front of my house after watching this. I love the animation and graphics of this film, it also brings out that little kid in you when you once believed that Santa Claus was real.

I’m greeting everyone a merry Christmas 🎄 . Have a ton of fun, food and booze. Have a happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays. 



Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.
-A Walk To Remember

One of the famous line in the film and it’s one of the quotes that I can’t get out of my head and probably never will. When I get asked what is my favorite quote? This is one of those that initially comes up to my mind. It’s a simple quote but it really strucked me, love is meant to be felt even if you are miles away from each other. And it also had a big effect on me by the way it was said in the film, it’s perfect timing, it’s like this quote is meant to be remembered by its viewers.

A Walk To Remember is one of my all time favorite film, it was a novel by Nicholas Sparks that was turned into a movie. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve watched this movie and I will never get tired of watching it all over again. Read More »