For week 3 of the kindness challenge I chose these words to be instilled in me to help me with the week’s challenge.


“Will God be smiling with what I’m about to do?”

I always ask myself this question before I do or say something, will He be smiling? My faith has done a lot for me it gave me strength and courage to face everyday, it gives me hope for brighter days and it also made me a nicer person. When I do something nice I feel that He’s proud of me and when I do something unpleasant I feel that I disappointed Him and my conscience bugs me that I feel a bit off because of it, basically this question is really helpful when I’m not sure with what I’m doing.

Acknowledging God in my life changed me into a completely different person I began thinking what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, my bad temper was lessen, I now always give everyone the benefit of the doubt and try to see the good in everyone.

“Never expect anything in return from the kindness that you’ve given.”

The thing about being kind and helping others is that you think twice if the person deserves that kindness and help and we often ask ourselves “what do we get out of it?”, “what’s in it for us?”. We should all change that kind of thinking, let’s be selfless because doesn’t it just feels good when you help others? Nothing feels better than the satisfaction and the pride you get when you do good deeds.


Reflection: I find it easier to be kind especially to others once you believe in the act of kindness and you instilled goodness in your mind and in your heart, being kind will not be a problem if you do that and yes people around me believe that I’m kind (I think so lol) and I feel that I’m giving too much that others take advantage of it, sometimes I think that I should just be wise and think only about myself but my conscience will never take it so right now I just think that as long as I know I’m doing the right thing and my conscience is clear it’s all good and to the people who take advantage of the kindness that they receive that’s on them and that’s their baggage to carry.




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For the second week of the Kindness Challenge we need to observe kindness around us.

Everyday there is an act of kindness happening around us, everyday I’m a witness of it and I wish to repay that kindness someday.

I grew up with my aunt and I actually consider her as my mom now, with the absence of my biological parents she’s been the one who supported my living ever since, she considers me as her own child even though she has 3 children and I actually never felt that I was different, that I didn’t belong in her family. Everyday I wake up thinking that if it wasn’t for her I guess my life is quite different now (bad kind of different).

Another one is from my sister she’s the one who pays for my schooling and I know that’s not her obligation but I really want to thank her for that kindness because the cost of my tuition is not a joke, I mean she could have spend all those money for herself but she still insist.

(sorry I don’t want to elaborate, it will be quite emotional lol)

Well that’s basically the two major kindnesses that I experience everyday and I often forget them, there are times that I take them for granted and thanks to this week’s focus I get to remind myself of those kind gestures.

Other kindness I observed this week:

  • My aunt was out for 3 days and our neighbor was kind enough to bring us food and check on us.
  • The comments I get from the readers of my blog.
  • I rode a jeepney yesterday and a boy was asking for money to buy something to eat and a lady who was sitting in front of me was eating a bread of some kind and she just gave it to the boy. (that was actually really nice)
  • The way my friends check up on me to see how I’m doing.
  • The way the security guard in every establishments that I entered this week said good morning and opened the door for me (I know that it’s their job but that’s kind too lol)

*I notice lots of kindness but they’re pretty much all the same but from different people.

There’s probably plenty of those that I missed but these are the ones that I remembered and I guess that is the problem we forget the kindness that we receive and we don’t give it much attention. I truly believe that kindness is everywhere we just don’t notice them regularly because we focus more on the mistakes that people does.

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