It’s hard to say good bye,

the story’s not yet over.

Let there be more pages

to this book of us together.

It doesn’t even matter

what comes after this

just as long I can still

taste the kiss from your lips.

But you ended us

killed the romance

you gave it all up

like there’s no chance

for fixing us.

You’ve thrown it away,

I was not enough.

when I finally wanted to stay,

you just called it off.

You pulled the plug

when I was so in love

It’s like you were my drug

and I was flying high

like a dove.

It’s hard to say good bye

when all I can think about

is you and I.

Everywhere I go,

there you are.

In my mind,

there you stay

but I wish you

were here in front me,

I wish I can say

that I’m okay

without you

but it’s not the truth

because I still can’t

look you in the eye—

I can not lie,

I’m not ready to say


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It went all blank, the mind that was once filled with too much noise. It was terrifying that it all stopped— the over-drowning thoughts, it was always there but now it’s all gone. It was quiet— too quiet that it makes it more numbing, “why am I not thinking, even feeling things anymore?” I ask myself. Now, I’m walking through this life with blank eyes, even more afraid that I’m not afraid of anything anymore.


They say it’s a chemical imbalance to think and feel this way,
Maybe we still do have a chance for tomorrow is another day.

“It’ll be okay” that’s what they say for them they think it’s just a phase, just another case of a trend but it’s not my friend.

Let’s talk about it instead but let me just state this. It’s not aesthetic to wish you were dead.
Let’s discuss it without romanticizing what is being said.

Disappointments arise from feeding information,
I hope it’s not all just for the sake of attention,
not more lives to be at stake and be a consolation— a failed product of this discussion.


I’m beginning to wonder why as I look up to the sky and realize how everything is fake in my eyes and it’s like everything is in disguise, it’s all just lies and I apologize for thinking this way but my mind is full of toxic waste. 

I tend to sit back and fall into silence for my thoughts are not making any sense this is why I sincerely ask for your patience. I stare into space for I’m finding a place inside this head, a place of solace and calmness to bring me back from the world of madness and hopelessness. 

So here I am apologizing for the way I’m acting because I am ashamed to tell you that I am hurting.