It’s Christmas break so I have 17 days before going back to school again. It means I’m bored again. So I did some tweaking in my blog’s look again (say ‘again’ one more time lol).

I changed the theme to what I can say a more clean look. I don’t really like dark colors aside from black so I picked this light theme with blue-greenish colored links and added some quotes that I live by. I get tired of things easily but maybe I’ll stick by with this look for now until I get tired of it again. 2 months into this blogging and I’m really having fun with it I’m considering it a hobby now I hope I won’t get tired of this though. I’ve been wanting to get self-hosted but I think it cost too much for just a student like me, in the future maybe. 

Anyways, it’s holidays and the year is almost ending, can’t wait for the New Year’s party that I heard my family is organizing, it’s a reunion party for our clan. I hope it’s true though, I’m quite looking forward to it. For now I’m just watching movies and getting fatter because of the delicious food this holiday and also I’m reading a book by Gayle Forman (I Was Here) hope I can finish this by the time that I will go back to school though.


Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a lovely holiday and please don’t forget the true reason of this celebration which is the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

We often forget that this day is the birthday of Jesus and we just remember it as a holiday and a day of celebration but for what? I hope kids don’t just see Santa Claus I hope that they realize at their early age that the true Santa is Jesus Christ.

Let’s all remember baby Jesus in the manger.
Let’s all greet our savior a happy birthday.
Let’s all celebrate this day being grateful to our savior.

Celebrate the season with love, happiness and giving.