I see you everywhere, you’ve trapped me in your spell.

Your scent is all I smell, lingering through the air.

I like the sound of your voice, it’s all I want to hear— your words, so sincere.

The taste of your lips still I crave the one you left on our last kiss.

Softness of your touch makes me shiver— skin to skin I remember, surely I will miss. 


You had my whole heart on your fist. 
You clenched it hard and I couldn’t breathe.
I silently plead “don’t drop it please.”
You dropped it.

I bleed while picking up these shards. 
Ignoring the inflicting scars 
like a puzzle piece, I put it back together. It was hard. 
But I did it.

Fragments of my heart still on your floor. 
I’m never going to get it back but it’s a reminder that I was once yours. 
You had me.