Another night where I’m thinking about everything and it’s been a while since I wrote about what I think, right now I’m thinking about what comes after, what’s going to happen next— this is the time where I’m supposed to be freaking out, I wasn’t until now (thanks brain). 

 I’m going to graduate in a month that means everything’s going to change right? I have to adjust to a whole lot of changes, it’s the next chapter of my life and this is the part where it gets real, I have to get a job which I’m very anxious about and also this is where I’m either going to find myself or feel completely lost. This is the time where I need to stop being lazy and stop fooling around. How I wish I could freeze time, I’m thinking about how I won’t see my friends often like I used to and the possibility that we won’t even be friends anymore that’s what makes me sad the most (friends come and go). I may say to myself that I’m ready but honestly I think I’m not.
Quite terrifying. 

Yes, everything is definitely going to change. 


This gift of life is never fully ours to control and hold,
we’re chasing a concept created by a man that we all believe is real as we are told. 

But here I am wishing everything would go back to the way it was.
Those days where you’re free but right now everything is going by so fast.


Here I am wishing for the time to just slow down for a bit,
at least take a pause to sit down, relax and breathe.


Every moment is coming to me in such a blur,
it’s all passing by so fast like all of it never really occur.


Here I am begging this concept to be my friend and be here with me for a little more.
Just a little more time is all I need is that really too much to ask for?


I’m staring blankly at all of these and wondering where this concept would take me,
it’s quite terrifying to think where it will all lead and it’s like I’m too afraid to even want to see.


Here I am feeling like I’m wasting all of this time I’m given,
they say I should go out, have fun and start living.


And here I am thinking what I should really do,
someone help me cause I honestly have no clue.

The clock is ticking like a time bomb in any moment ready to explode as I stand so close watching.
Holding my ground and unaware of what is happening. 

The concept of time comes down reeling in my mind and the moment I’m afraid of finally arrived.
It is the time and very moment where I ask myself how the heck will I survive?