I finished reading the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell a few days ago and I don’t often write about the books I read except if I really connected to it and for this book you probably got the idea.

I actually don’t know the main reason why I loved the book, I don’t know if it’s because of the story or because of the way I relate to Cath so much but either way Fangirl is a good read. 

I loved how Cath managed her life and all the stress she went through and also I loved how she stepped out of her comfort zone without actually changing herself. Other people may actually think that the conflict in this book was quite shallow for a fiction but in reality if you’re an introvert every little misalignment on your routine could be a big problem especially when the character was also dealing with anxiety. I enjoyed reading the book even though it never really took me on a  ride like I wanted to but overall I really liked it. This book is all about coping with changes and going out of your comfort zone. So if you struggle with those things might as well read this.

But this book is clearly for the introverts, how the main character Cath loved reading, writing, staying in and how she hated socializing, parties and extrovert stuff. Introverts will probably see their life in this story especially those who are introvert writers. 

This book also showed the essence of writing by how Cath made writing as a daily necessity and it also showed the struggle she had with writing, such as writer’s block, writing the same theme and etc. So you bloggers/writers will totally love this book as well.

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