Highlighted Words | The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

Welcome to another highlighted words segment where I share with you some phrases and words from books that I read and I felt it was relevant and relatable.

Let these highlighted words from the book speak for the book itself.

The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace (Poetry)

Photo via Goodreads

“Silence has always been my loudest scream.”

“I didn’t realize I could be my own knight.”

“Everyone I love leaves.”

“Who would I have been without the inspiration behind my demons.”

“Friends can break your heart, too.”

“I am so sorry for all the times the darkling dragon demon living inside my darkest corners came roaring out, flames ready, hell-bent on extinguishing all the light in you.”

“I plan to crack open the skulls of the masses & plant a colorful garden in every brain. I am going to lace together a necklace of words for everyone I meet. For once in my life I am going to make sure someone finally hears me.”

“When I die, do not waste a minute mourning me. I may go, but I will leave behind all my thousand & one lives.”

“Does a woman ever find her peace? Is death our only feather-covered hope?”

“Don’t allow the world to take your kindness.”

“Emotional abuse is still abuse.”

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Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift’s Escapism That is Evermore

Taylor Swift did it again, she dropped another surprised album last December 11, 2020 at midnight called Evermore, the sister album to a prior surprised album Folklore released 5 months ago. But before we get into Taylor’s 9th studio album, let us praise her escapism during this terrible year, this year we could have chosen to do anything that we want other than our jobs, and we could choose to be lazy and be unproductive. Taylor said it herself in Folklore Long Pond Studio Session that she wrote Mirrorball after she heard that all of her shows were cancelled, she could have chosen to be sad about it but she chose to dream, imagine, and create art instead. Despite the worst year for every entertainer, she found a way to give her all to a project and it resulted to her best works in her career. The way Taylor coped with the pandemic was very admirable, being productive, and having a healthy mental state to have found a way to escape. That is a very nice reflection of herself to her fans, it shows that we can all have a healthy escape despite the struggles.

Cover album of Evermore

As a fan it can be a little bit overwhelming to listen to Evermore since Folklore is still on repeat. For fair number of times listening to Evermore these past couple of days since the release, it’s safe to say that Evermore is the needed sequel to the first audiobook that is Folklore. Evermore needed it’s first book Folklore for it to make sense. This sequel adds to that missing feeling of Folklore’s cliffhanger-like ending, the way Taylor end track on Evermore is the title track sounding very hopeful compare to Folklore’s end track Hoax.

What differs between these sister albums is that Evermore has a much more lighter mood and have more pop songs than Folklore. In this album you can really hear the progression of where Taylor’s at in writing songs, Folklore is much more laid back and in Evermore they experimented more on the sounds and production (Closure and Gold Rush). The growth of Taylor’s writing is really impressive and even though Taylor said that the album consists of made up stories like Folklore did, it can also be tied personally to her while covering it up with metaphors. From a fan theorizing viewpoint, songs like Happiness sounded like her feud with her former record label, and also Long Story Short which sounded like she’s looking back on everything she’s been through and how she survived it.

But Taylor really took a huge step back from writing personal experiences and instead crafted stories with intricate lyrics that will surprise you on how well she constructed and told all of these stories in a form of a song. Taylor revealed the stories in the album from her social media posts. A number of songs are about relationships and love that went wrong, and pulling off another story written in 2 different perspectives (Tis The Damn Season and Dorothea), and she even wrote a story about killing a cheating murdering husband (No Body, No Crime). Her escapism during this pandemic resulted in these two well thought of album that are full of stories to better off visualize about and have it as an escape as a listener as well. Taylor went off the grid and have matured then came back as a songwriting machine. She just ignored the formula of releasing albums/songs that every artists in the world follows. She just proved that she can do anything that she wants and that she has really became one of the most talented artist in her generation that can continue on for a long time.

Overall, it’s easier to compare Folklore and Evermore from each other since it has the same roots in terms of the whole vibe and writing, and you couldn’t really choose which one is your favorite between these sister albums. But for anything that mimics the vibe of someone nothing beats the original right?


Personal Ranking as of the moment in terms of overall feel to it:

  1. Long Story Short
  2. Ivy
  3. Willow
  4. Evermore
  5. Tis The Damn Season
  6. Champagne Problems
  7. Tolerate It
  8. Gold Rush
  9. No Body No Crime
  10. Closure
  11. Happiness
  12. Dorothea
  13. Coney Island
  14. Cowboy Like Me
  15. Marjorie

Let me know your ranking and favorite tracks on Evermore 🌲 in the comments! 😊

Stream Evermore on Spotify:

Photo Credits to Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift’s Willow Music Video Theory


So, Taylor Swift is really saving the year 2020 and just dropped another album besides to her prior album that she dropped less than 5 months ago. Evermore is apparently the sister album of Folklore, besides the album she also dropped a single with a music video at the same time titled Willow. I thought I could make this blog post into one with the whole reaction/review on the entire album but I decided to make a separate blog post for my theory on the metaphors that surrounds the music video Willow. I love how the metaphors and Easter eggs were used in Taylor Swift’s new music video or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Anyways, I have these theories about what the music video means since no one really explained what was happening in the video yet.

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Playlist 23 | Chill Vibes


the 1 by Taylor Swift

Cowboy in LA by LANY

Must Have Been The Wind by Alec Benjamin

Saturday Nights by Khalid

I Believe by Jonas Brothers

Love Her by Jonas Brothers

Sober by Childish Gambino

Godspeed by Frank Ocean

Missing You by The Vamps

I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You by Gentle Bones

I’m very picky when it comes to new music, maybe because I’m getting older and I’m still stuck at the 90’s and early 2000’s music. But I do appreciate these chill vibe kind of music nowadays, it’s kind of perfect for this sweater weather that we currently have. Enjoy this playlist!

Share you chill music in the comments. 😊❤

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Your Body Is Fine But The Unrealistic Body Standard Is Not

One of the main reason why I don’t usually view my social media accounts lately is because of how toxic it can be. Like, photos of Billie Eilish normally walking outside in a normal attire, in her normal body is circulating in my timeline right now. I also see Angel Locsin’s photo that shows the changes in her body. Apparently, people are saying that they gained weight, and making fun of it. I thought people are tired of “fat” jokes by now, sadly they aren’t.

Billie and Angel are perfect in their own bodies, as long as they are healthy their bodies are fine. I feel sorry for celebrities who face this kind of scrutiny, that’s why they go to doctors to fix something in their face or body that isn’t even broken in the first place just to get approval, and to satisfy the people. I’m not a follower of Billie but I read that she wears baggy clothes to steer clear of being objectified, it is crazy to think that she really adjusted herself to avoid people from checking her out. To think that her choice of clothing is not just a brand but a protection as well, which clearly shows why with that trending photo.


Angel Locsin on the other hand is a well-known actress in the Philippines who has done a lot of charity works that I often compare her with Audrey Hepburn, she was once named as the sexiest woman in the Philippines, and for me she still is. I read that she’s taking medications that made her gained weight, and as she also said she has no problems with her body, so why do other people seems to have problems with it?

Another thing that I’ve been seeing online is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. They introduced Rebel Wilson’s “fat amy” persona creating a confident plus-sized representation, and thinking that it was cool but then I learned that Hollywood encouraged Rebel to stay as overweight as she can be, because people “dig” it, and they gain more money. And, now Rebel lost a lot of weight and she’s feeling more herself. This is not contradicting the media’s move with plus-sized representation, I am glad that the entertainment industry is open with diversity but forcing people to be in a shape that they don’t want to be in is not okay.

Credits to Jakarta Post

Another example is the heartthrob Zac Efron, did you know that Zac hated his body in the movie Baywatch? Zac was ripped and really buffed in that movie, he went on a very strict regimen, and even said that he wouldn’t let himself and his body go through it again.

Credits to Daily Mail

Another is Jacob Elordi in Kissing Booth, he hated his body in the movie too but he said that the movie required him to have his body like that.

Credits to Insider

For sure, there are more celebrities and other people who experienced this cruel requirement.

For the longest time, society set out some standards that we have to follow; how to act, what is acceptable, and what is beautiful. And the opposite of those are just a subject of a laughing matter or an insult, something that we should change as it somehow degrades our whole being. We are trying to break out from those standards but sadly it isn’t enough, we still have narrow minded people who see these “imperfections” as a joke material. They are happily tearing down people’s spirits because of these standards, making these beautiful people feel less of what they are worth, and for the longest time we have been living in a world full of these kinds of people. It’s our body and we should have control over it, we should be happy with it without feeling insecure and without the need of validation from others. These unrealistic standards are the world’s toxic fuel, it’s time to drain them out and remove from the society’s norms.

Your body is fine, your color is fine, your face is fine, it’s just the society and the world that isn’t fine.

What are your thoughts about the unrealistic standards the society has set out for us?

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