It’s hard to say good bye,

the story’s not yet over.

Let there be more pages

to this book of us together.

It doesn’t even matter

what comes after this

just as long I can still

taste the kiss from your lips.

But you ended us

killed the romance

you gave it all up

like there’s no chance

for fixing us.

You’ve thrown it away,

I was not enough.

when I finally wanted to stay,

you just called it off.

You pulled the plug

when I was so in love

It’s like you were my drug

and I was flying high

like a dove.

It’s hard to say good bye

when all I can think about

is you and I.

Everywhere I go,

there you are.

In my mind,

there you stay

but I wish you

were here in front me,

I wish I can say

that I’m okay

without you

but it’s not the truth

because I still can’t

look you in the eye—

I can not lie,

I’m not ready to say


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It went all blank, the mind that was once filled with too much noise. It was terrifying that it all stopped— the over-drowning thoughts, it was always there but now it’s all gone. It was quiet— too quiet that it makes it more numbing, “why am I not thinking, even feeling things anymore?” I ask myself. Now, I’m walking through this life with blank eyes, even more afraid that I’m not afraid of anything anymore.


I feel so pathetic these days and I feel even more pathetic by posting this but screw it! It’s just that I know everything’s fine but deep down inside I just feel so sad. I’m trying so hard to be happy or even just to pretend and I think I’m getting better at it but it’s really kind of exhausting. I even stopped isolating myself and just kept chatting with some friends because I know when I’m left all alone I’ll just start to overthink. I’m really trying and people have no idea how hard I try everyday. 

Or I’m just really being melodramatic at this point in my life lol. I hope things will get better for me emotionally. 


Better Off Dead by Sleeping With Sirens

Asleep by The Smiths

How To Disappear Completely by Radiohead

Goner by Twenty One Pilots

Breathe Me by Sia

Help! by The Beatles

Cough Syrup by Young The Giant

Silhouette by Owl City

Be Still by The Fray

Stay Alive by José González

Let’s talk about the power of music and how it helps to get over a bad day. 

I believe music plays a very certain role in each person’s life. I truly believe that what you listen to tells something about your personality and what’s going through your head. Whatever genre you listen to it tells something about you. Music helps us to forget our problems even just for awhile (earphones on and ignore the world) and music is there when you feel so alone.

I personally want to thank music for everything. For every time that I got a lot of things in my head, for the times the silence is too loud and especially for helping me fall asleep. I sleep with my earphones on every night because I have trouble sleeping and it somehow helps even for just a few hours (still have that weird sleeping habit). But anyways, let’s go to the playlist.

For this playlist I’ve compiled the top 10 songs that sums up what I’ve been thinking/feeling for the past weeks or should I say for the past years lol. I love how the lyrics of these songs speak the words that my actual voice couldn’t say out loud, it makes me feel that I’m not the only one feeling and thinking this way, in a way that is actually sort of comforting. I would love to write and tell you more about this playlist but the music speaks itself, listen and you’ll get the story 😉 (I’m saying sorry in advance but this is probably one of the most depressing playlist you’ll ever listen to lol) 

It’s quite cool telling a story through a series of songs. Create a playlist as well and share your story maybe? Ping me back, I want to listen. 😊



It’s all crashing down,
deep into the ground.

It’s all falling apart,

and it is tearing her heart.

Her hope is wearing thin,
a slight misstep might drive her completely insane.

Her faith is getting weak,

but still she prays that she won’t get any sicker than she already is.