Aging comes with realizations, mostly about life. As we go through experiences in this life, it changes the things we once believed in. We come to a certain point when we start to question the things that we were sure of and then realize that it’s not the way it’s supposed to be in reality. Our ideals get crushed by this experiences but it’s okay, it’s part of this gigantic uncertain life.

We are not the same person as we were yesterday, everyday something changes little by little that sometimes we are unaware that we are changing and we’re supposed to. We’re supposed to grow and to do that we have to let go and start seeing the wider scale of this life. We’re supposed to find our true selves by forgetting the label they once gave us. We all need to wander for us to find what truly fulfills our desires in life and that often happens with a little sacrifice.

As I grew older I realized that these changes were normal, the sadness and frustrations comes along with it. I care more about my wellness than being accepted in this society. I care more about having an inner peace rather than trying to fit in. I changed not because of anger but because I grew older and I started caring more about important things. I’ve cut ties to people who I tried so hard to keep in my life but doesn’t really care if I’m in theirs. I let go of the things that I know will ruin my solitude, I started caring more about myself and I think it’s the greatest thing I ever did. I’ve never really cared about myself before but now it’s the greatest investment I made.


Another night where I’m thinking about everything and it’s been a while since I wrote about what I think, right now I’m thinking about what comes after, what’s going to happen next— this is the time where I’m supposed to be freaking out, I wasn’t until now (thanks brain). 

 I’m going to graduate in a month that means everything’s going to change right? I have to adjust to a whole lot of changes, it’s the next chapter of my life and this is the part where it gets real, I have to get a job which I’m very anxious about and also this is where I’m either going to find myself or feel completely lost. This is the time where I need to stop being lazy and stop fooling around. How I wish I could freeze time, I’m thinking about how I won’t see my friends often like I used to and the possibility that we won’t even be friends anymore that’s what makes me sad the most (friends come and go). I may say to myself that I’m ready but honestly I think I’m not.
Quite terrifying. 

Yes, everything is definitely going to change. 


This kid once loved running around and playing outside in the streets with the other kids. 

This kid only has to worry what toy he’s going to play and not the bills that needs to be payed. 

This kid’s view on the world was very clear, everything was so simple and fair. 

This kid was so free from the world’s disease but the kid grew up and everyone started asking him why he changed he answered “I am now caged.” Registered & Protected  KGDY-YX4C-X42R-Q8DO