I decided Thursdays are for randomness of it all. Ergo, random facts about yours truly. 💁🏻‍♀️

1. I have a total of 5 mini tattoos.

I love tattoos, I don’t care what people say about it. That’s why on my 17th birthday I had my first tattoo and it’s true that when you decided to have a tattoo, you can’t just have one. You’ll kind of come looking for that buzzing sting of the needle after having one. (Should I make a blog post about my 5 tattoos? 🤔)

2. I have one less body organ than everybody else.

That sounded so bad lol but it’s true, I don’t have an appendix anymore. I underwent an appendectomy surgery almost 2 years ago. I actually wrote a blog post about it but I forgot to published it 😅. The pain I felt during that time was unbearable, I thought I was just having a bad menstrual cramps but it went to the point where I could barely stand up. So, we went to the hospital and I got tested. We found out that I had an appendicitis. I went to surgery that lasted 6 hours. And my recovery period was a month and a half, including some messy complications that I had after the surgery, which I won’t fully go into details anymore. Anyways, I don’t know why they say it’s a useless organ but why did God put it in our body?

3. I love sour candies.

I love sour candies to the point where my tongue burns for eating too much of it. I once ate an entire pack of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting, my tongue stung so bad after but I didn’t regret it at all. 😝 P.S. Sour Patch Kids makes me happy. 😄

4. I’m “allergic” to shellfish.

I always say that I am allergic to shellfish but to be honest I don’t really know if I am. There are times where I can eat it normally, but there are times where just the sight and smell of it makes my tongue swell and makes my whole body itchy. That is why I decided to just steer clear of shellfish because I had a very terrible allergic reaction once, where my heart was pounding so fast, and my whole body and even my eyes turned red. My aunt rush me to the doctor, and confirmed that it was allergies which the doctor gave me some pills for it. Since then I barely eat shellfish.

5. I have an irrational fear of dump trucks and concrete mixers.

This just developed a few years ago. No one knows about this fear of mine, except my boyfriend. I seriously tense up and becomes anxious whenever I’m walking past a dump truck or a concrete mixer, or when the car I’m in is beside it. I would cross the street or even take the longer route just to avoid walking past it. I guess, it started when I was walking home and this dump truck drove past me and some gooey stuff landed on my leg and shoes. Since then I kind of got this irrational fear of trucks that could possibly drop something on me. 😅

That’s my 5 random facts! What about you? Do you also have an irrational fear? A food your obsessed with? Any tattoos? Tell me about it, share it in the comments 😄

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Hello everyone, I guess everyone’s home right now during this terrible time for the whole world. A little social sacrifice won’t hurt and staying at home is the best thing you can do right now. This pandemic is causing panic and paranoia for some, this virus should not be taken lightly, it’s fatality is low but it’s transmission is very strong. So, a nation lockdown for me is the best solution as of now until the experts find a vaccine for this terrible virus. But for some country especially the third world countries being on lockdown means not going to work, which means they won’t have money to buy their needs. I’m talking about the public transportation drivers, the vendors, the homeless, and other employees that has an evil employer who won’t stop operation during this crisis. How about them? The government should provide their needs, this crisis shows which nation has a great leader who truly cares for their countrymen. This crisis also shows who lacks empathy and sensitivity to those who doesn’t have the same privileges. During this time I guess everybody is on social media and I see lots of celebrities and personalities trying to share some encouragement and hope but receives backlash in return. We have to watch our words during this time because instead of lifting spirits up, your words might get taken out of context and you might get called insensitive.

Seriously guys, let’s all be kind to each other and instead of debating and arguing we need to be there for each other and spread positivity and hope. I’m praying for this to end soon and I hope everyone of you is healthy and okay. Guys, please stay at home as much as possible especially the elders. Stay clean, wash your hands, drink your vitamins, and STAY AT HOME!


We connect with the world through social media and right now I see that channel as a very toxic place. Everyone was granted this media to voice out their opinions but it grew on them and they took advantage of it and became insensitive toward others feelings. It doesn’t matter to them how their opinions affect other people as long as they say what they wanted to say with the reason of “this is my opinion, I am free to voice it out”— the freedom of speech. But is the need to express one’s opinion greater than empathy which is the source of kindness and love that can eventually heal this world? There’s too much negativity in the world why add on to that? And if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

I used to think that when you are a very opinionated person who talks about politics, current news and have so much to say about everything you look smarter even when you hurt somebody’s opinion. Now, I take a step back and see it everyday on my timeline. I see these people trying too hard and becoming a know-it-all and a self-proclaimed analyst in every field, it’s quite annoying. Like, wow… I used to be one of these people (no offense) and I am not generalizing but some of them are really just too much like the one on my list of Reasons To Quit Social Media – Self-righteous people.
Social media has been one of the easiest way to criticize someone without saying it to their face which I completely don’t understand. I stopped voicing out my opinions on social media about the trending topics such as politics, celebrity issues and other news. I choose to be ignorant in some way from these “important” issues that “need” to be talked about for the reason of preserving my wellness because as I’ve said in one of my previous post there will be people who will contradict your opinion and there will be a big chance that one of those people will be a close-minded person. I don’t want to be in a dead-end argument. It’s not really about being ignorant, it is more about self-preservation. I especially stopped posting my criticisms on things such as books, movies, music and generally about everything on social media I just criticize my own life lol. I realized that the people who created these things worked hard for it and just to hear that what they created was trash in return is crushing on their part. And if I’m getting this urge to criticize something/someone, I always asks myself “can you even do what they do?” and “is it worth it?” That shuts me up every time and end up criticizing my self lol. So, mostly I post my opinions here on my blog because the bloggers in this community are open-minded and way nicer 😉. 

I also stopped having that need to be updated all the time and having something to say about the current trends, I disconnected myself from that. I disconnected myself from the negative things that are happening in the world. Maybe I don’t care that much about what’s going on or I’m really just a selfish person but I prefer to focus, share and voice out about the positive things that are happening in the world rather than the negative. And I’m sharing my views about the negative effects and side of social media not to (completely) criticize it but to make others be aware of their actions in social media. To be conscious of what they say in social media, just like the famous slogan “think before you click”. Hence, I’ve written 3 consecutive posts about the subject. 

I am an everyday user of social media and I’m guilty of some of the things that I pointed out of this entire series of posts at some point in time of using it. Honestly, it’s becoming a very harmful place for individuals who just want to to use it as a way to express themselves. People was given this convenient platform to do that but some took advantage of their freedom and unconsciously kept on ‘hurting’ people with their words that these people were forced to deprived themselves of expressing for the fear of being convicted and persecuted from being themselves. The real world that we live in is giving us so much crap and the internet where we can use as an escape and as a virtual world offers the same then where can we go? We can express and state our opinion without stepping on somebody else’s opinion and character— we can actually make social media a harmonious place that we can use as an escape from the reality if we let it and now I just realized that humans are really the worst lol (I hope the aliens abduct me).

This ends my 3/3 “rants” about social media. I hope you enjoyed them lol.
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In a world being publicize, an opinionated world and a world slowly losing the value of privacy and personal space do you still know who you are?
Internet and social media are a great way to connect to other people, to be updated about their lives and to keep up with the current trends but it’s also a place where it can easily influence your choices and perspective on things. Everything is being publicize through the internet especially lives of celebrities that maybe some of us admire what they do and we think it is cool. How some of us want to imitate their lifestyle but do you think imitating such people will lead you to defining or finding yourself or will you just be another one of a clone of somebody’s image? 

It is great to express yourself in anyway you can and right now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. are some of those that can help you do that. You can state your opinion out there, share your life— it’s a free country anyways. But are you sharing to express or to just show people you have a life? Are you proving something? Do you need to prove something? Are you one of those who fakes an Instagram post for the sake of likes? 

We can all agree that we can find a lot of things in the internet— helpful things and there are things that can be quite harmful to our beliefs and personal opinion. It is a free country and we can state our opinion on things but we can’t ignore that there are people out there that will contradict to what we have to say. It will hurt our beliefs, it will make us question what we truly believe in and worst it will change those beliefs and that’s the time we’ll lose the sense of ourself.

In the internet it is easy to stalk people, to imitate other people’s lifestyle, to be obsessed and to lose ourself. That’s why I found these few people who took a step away from social media for awhile to have their lives back:
(1) Hayley Williams of Paramore recently told in an interview (3:40 mark) about taking a few months off from social media to disconnect and to find herself again because apparently lots of people throw their opinion and she doesn’t need that, according to her it’s a self-preservation.
(2) Ed Sheeran took a year off social media explaining in an Instagram post. According to him he was seeing the world through the screen and wanted to explore more. And recently deleted his Twitter account.
(3) Taylor Swift was on a hiatus and she clearly had been off the grid and was taking her personal time effectively. But now she’s back and deleted all the content of her social media.

Here is a list by Newsday of celebrities who took a break and deactivated their social media accounts.

Celebrities Who’ve Quit Social Media

Take a step back as well for awhile, ask those questions to yourself. Who are you without social media? 

The whole point of this article is are you what you are on social media?

This is 1/3 of my “rants” about social media. I found myself writing about the “toxicity” of it so please bear with me on this and on my views about it and if we don’t have the same view about it, please don’t hate me lol.