I decided Thursdays are for randomness of it all. Ergo, random facts about yours truly. 💁🏻‍♀️

1. I have a total of 5 mini tattoos.

I love tattoos, I don’t care what people say about it. That’s why on my 17th birthday I had my first tattoo and it’s true that when you decided to have a tattoo, you can’t just have one. You’ll kind of come looking for that buzzing sting of the needle after having one. (Should I make a blog post about my 5 tattoos? 🤔)

2. I have one less body organ than everybody else.

That sounded so bad lol but it’s true, I don’t have an appendix anymore. I underwent an appendectomy surgery almost 2 years ago. I actually wrote a blog post about it but I forgot to published it 😅. The pain I felt during that time was unbearable, I thought I was just having a bad menstrual cramps but it went to the point where I could barely stand up. So, we went to the hospital and I got tested. We found out that I had an appendicitis. I went to surgery that lasted 6 hours. And my recovery period was a month and a half, including some messy complications that I had after the surgery, which I won’t fully go into details anymore. Anyways, I don’t know why they say it’s a useless organ but why did God put it in our body?

3. I love sour candies.

I love sour candies to the point where my tongue burns for eating too much of it. I once ate an entire pack of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting, my tongue stung so bad after but I didn’t regret it at all. 😝 P.S. Sour Patch Kids makes me happy. 😄

4. I’m “allergic” to shellfish.

I always say that I am allergic to shellfish but to be honest I don’t really know if I am. There are times where I can eat it normally, but there are times where just the sight and smell of it makes my tongue swell and makes my whole body itchy. That is why I decided to just steer clear of shellfish because I had a very terrible allergic reaction once, where my heart was pounding so fast, and my whole body and even my eyes turned red. My aunt rush me to the doctor, and confirmed that it was allergies which the doctor gave me some pills for it. Since then I barely eat shellfish.

5. I have an irrational fear of dump trucks and concrete mixers.

This just developed a few years ago. No one knows about this fear of mine, except my boyfriend. I seriously tense up and becomes anxious whenever I’m walking past a dump truck or a concrete mixer, or when the car I’m in is beside it. I would cross the street or even take the longer route just to avoid walking past it. I guess, it started when I was walking home and this dump truck drove past me and some gooey stuff landed on my leg and shoes. Since then I kind of got this irrational fear of trucks that could possibly drop something on me. 😅

That’s my 5 random facts! What about you? Do you also have an irrational fear? A food your obsessed with? Any tattoos? Tell me about it, share it in the comments 😄

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I AM 24

Hey, everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA these couple of days. I had a jam packed weekend, I had a vacation 4 days ago at our family friend’s house out of town. We all needed that little 2 days vacation. Also, we went there to celebrate my sister in-laws birthday and that was fun. There was a pool but I didn’t get to dipped in as I was PMSing at the time (the nerve of my uterus).

The other day, my friend had a virtual bridal shower which was really cool to have. She’s my first friend who will get married and the first who will also have a child in our group. I’m so happy for her. ❤️

Today is my birthday, I don’t know what will happen yet since I’m writing this the day before my actual birthday lol. But yes I am 24 years old now, I’m grateful for another year of life but I’m also quite sad about this year. I usually have some plans for what I’m going to try to achieve for my new age but this time around I don’t feel like doing it. With the pandemic still here, it’s hard to make some goals when I know that I’m not going to be able to do it because of this virus. But we’ll see, maybe I can turn things around and create some new goals that I can actually achieve even during this quarantine. Happy birthday to me! 😂🥳

Another thing, I’m trying to revamp my blog as you can see, I have my own domain name yay! So bear with me for these couple of days or weeks, as I’m trying to make some slight changes. I hope you’ll all still be here to see it ❤️.

-Joana x


I was not supposed to post two blog entries in a day but this is something that I just needed to get off my mind.

I’m writing this because the current situation of our health care system is alarming and for my fellow countrymen in the Philippines if this distress call from our modern heroes doesn’t worry you— it should.

Health care system in the Philippines are now overwhelmed by the increasing number of COVID cases with over 5,000 daily confirmed cases, and now Philippines has over 100,000 cases. Now, medical frontliners are calling for help and wanting the country to go on another lockdown for at least 2 weeks to regroup and rethink their strategy on how to handle this pandemic. More info here: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1315204/medical-frontliners-to-govt-time-out-revert-metro-manila-back-to-ecq

Credits to Rappler

Okay, this is sad and alarming. This made me more scared because our health care system is our armor during this pandemic and now that they are close to giving up, it’s like the hope for fighting and ending this virus is far from being achieved. It also made me more angry to the government, and for all the time that they wasted on other irrelevant issues during this crisis. Like, passing anti-terror law which violates the constitution and rights of Filipinos. They also focused more on the franchise renewal of one of the country’s largest TV network. Imagine if they focused more on the actual biggest problem here which is COVID-19 and not them creating laws to stop criticisms towards the government or using political power to get revenge. Now, the country cannot afford another lockdown. I am so furious because we had gone through that lockdown for almost 3 months and the government didn’t do anything at that time to find a solution. Like, mass testing and contact tracing, instead they used that time to make a move on their political agenda which is to make the current administration more in control and powerful. What also makes me furious with the country’s current situation is that a lot of my fellow countrymen are not furious as I am. They still support what this failing administration is doing, even if they are being fooled right in their face, they still turn a blind eye and just support the president. They are not a Filipino, they are fans. They idolized this current president that they are becoming ignorant to the country’s situation.

Now, our doctors and nurses are exhausted because the government didn’t prioritize the solution to the biggest problem that the country is facing. What will happen to us? I don’t know but I pray that we all get through this together.

I am praying for all the medical frontliners, give them strength and patience to face this pandemic. I am praying for their safety.

To all the frontliners around the world. We are all thankful for what you are doing for your country, you are indeed our modern heroes.


Welcome to another life lately post, if you are one of my new reader (hello ☺️👋🏼), this segment is about my current monotonous life. What I’ve been thinking, feeling, wanting, doing, and hoping lately. Please share yours, I really want to know. 😊

Lately I’ve been thinking…

why I tend to write life lately posts when it’s raining? lol. Plus, what a coincidence with the photo that I keep on using as a featured photo. Anyways, what I’m seriously thinking about right now is what the future holds for the world with the virus still out there? When will it end? So many lives are being affected by this, so many livelihood were taken, so many precious time wasted. Are we ever going to move on from this?

Lately I’ve been feeling…

a bit lonely and anxious but other than that I’m fine. I’m feeling anxious because I feel like I’m wasting time and I quit my job too because of the fear of contracting the virus, I just don’t want myself to worry that I will bring home the virus with me and risk spreading it to my family everyday when I’m coming home from work. I got used to being busy because of work and now that I’m unemployed I suddenly feel like a freeloader.

Lately I’ve been wanting…

to get a home-based job to earn even just a little, and also for the sake of doing something with my life right now.

Lately I’ve been doing...

a lot of blogging and reading. Obviously you can tell that I am active again here on my blog because I have nothing better to do as of the moment, so if you are reading this and I haven’t been following you please do leave your blog or leave something for me to read, or if you need advice/help on something you can talk to me. I have a lot of time apparently lol.

Lately I’ve been hoping…

that this pandemic will end soon. And also that the government of the Philippines get their head straight with handling this pandemic.

How’s your life lately?

P.S. I’m serious about how you guys should give me something to read and stuff. Leave it in the comments. 😄


Well this was too soon to what I said from my last post that I’m not going to be here that much anymore but I had the time and words, I just need to spill some thoughts out. Here’s me opening up more about what I think about the stuff people say to me and about me.

I’ve always been labeled as the quiet one, sometimes crabby because of my resting bitch face but most of the time I’m the “quiet one”.

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