iPhone Users| Helpful Hidden Features Surprisingly Not A Lot Of People Know

I’m a fan of iPhone (that’s a strong opening. Android users, please don’t come at me), for me it’s just easier to use and navigate, and that’s just me, I know it’s different for everyone. Anyways, my fondness for iPhone is not the topic here, I want to share some helpful tips to iPhone users out there. I have been using these hidden features for a long time now, and I’m surprised that not a lot of people knows it.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this works with every iPhone, I‘m using an iPhone XR.

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It’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to cry. We need to stop believing in those posts we see online that we always have to happy and positive, that’s toxic positivity. Life has ups and downs, and it’s normal to be vulnerable at times. You can’t be positive all the time because that takes hard work and a lot of Xanax 😆.

If you’re reading this, then this is your reminder that it is okay if you’re crying in your room right now and feeling like the world is on your shoulders, just let it all out. But you also have to get back up and remember that life is like a tire, it rolls. Just keep trying because life is also a trial and error, we all need to repeatedly just stop, gather strength and pull ourselves back up every time life throws us down.



There will be a time where everything seems so pointless and it just doesn’t make sense anymore. All the unsatisfied cravings and unfulfilled dreams haunting our present life and reminding us that they’re still there waiting for us to finally suffice those cravings. Unmotivated is where we are right now, the passion is nowhere to be found and self loathing rises for we are unhappy with what we face daily. We daydream of what could be instead of making it into a reality, we tell ourselves “it’s not the right time” but it’s an excuse for the fear we try to hide— the fear of failing. The what ifs hinders us to achieve our goals but it’s time to realize that what is truly keeping us from fulfilling our dream is ourselves.

Now is the right moment to step towards your vision for yourself, this is the right time to start being true to who you really are, and this is the time you start making sense of everything and live a life where everything has its meaning.