Share Your Story 01 – Talking About Your Mental Health

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This post took so long to be written and to be posted for the reason that I didn’t really know how I would approach this topic. I should have thought of it first before actually doing it. 😅 But I really wanted this blog to not just be about me anymore, I also want to relate to others. That is why I want a space in this blog to be about other people as well. I put up the Blog Directory so that if people ever visit this site, there’s a chance that they are also looking for new blogs to read or follow, and hopefully they will click on it and help them discover new blogs.

Anyways, this new segment that I’m starting which I will call “Share Your Story” (I can’t think of other creative title) is something that I was quite nervous about because I thought it would flop but I was surprised that people sent their stories. Like, I’ve said before I wanted to discuss more about things that we feel insecure and scared to talk about, and to be more specific— our mental health. Some of the stuff you guys sent me was quite heavy and really personal, that is why this took so long because I wanted to really think about the things that I will write. I want to start with something that I personally relate with. I’m going to leave all the stories anonymously, just for privacy reasons. And also, all views here are not professional and medical advice, these are all just for the purpose of discussions and opinions.

“Its difficult for me to talk about what I feel because I don’t want pity from others. I try to hide it and not talk about it with my family and friends but i write what I think about in my journal, I also play guitar to relax, it somehow ease my anxiety. Sometimes, I think my family will not understand as I live in a very strict and perfectionist manner of a household. But i’m okay for now, this is a great space by the way, thank you for doing this.”


To whoever sent this, I personally relate to you. I have a habit of bottling up my emotions because I feel like I’ll become a burden to someone. And there’s a possibility that people will add up to the negativity that I’m already carrying by saying things like, “you’re being dramatic”, “it’s all in your head”, or “get over it” etc. That’s what scares me the most with talking about it with other people, the judgment from them will make it even worse. But talking about it really helps, especially when you talk about it with someone you trust or care about. It’s great that you have an outlet for your feelings and thoughts, it’s great to have an escape. But at some point you need to talk about it with other people who you trust and who you daily see face to face. I was scared to talk about it with my friends and family but when I did, I was surprised by their support. I was surprise how my sister felt the same way as I did when she was growing up, and I didn’t know that because we NEVER TALK ABOUT IT (sorry for shouting). And that is the point of all of these, we need to start talking about it. I know it’s different for everyone of us, and I know you have a strict family and I don’t know what it’s like in your home. But give it a try, maybe you’ll be surprised by how supportive they are or it may not be a family member, just start with someone that you truly know and trust who will not judge you for whatever you’re going to tell them. I hope you’re doing okay, and for awhile you can talk to me about it, if you’re still not comfortable or ready to open up with your friends or family. I always say that talking to strangers can also be helpful because there’s clearly no judgment. 😊

This space that I’m creating on this blog is great to get insights and to really start discussions about what mental health is really about, to get insights about how other people deal with it. How other people cope with problems and a bunch of other awkward but important topics that we are too scared to talk about. But at the end of the day, what matters more is what you are going to do. This is just an escape (I can’t believe I’m dragging this segment before it even starts) 🤣. Whatever I stated here or the comments here are clearly just opinions.

Thank you so much for sending your stories, if you want to send something that you wanted to talk about and get insights on please click here.

Every story is worth sharing. ❤

What are your thoughts about this topic? Share it in the comments below.

Always remember to be kind, not just on others but also on yourself. See you on my next post! ❤

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Share Your Story Here

Hello my friends from blogging community 👋🏼. I wanted to do something again here in this blog, I had a lot of response from my story: There Will Be A Turning Point | Sharing My Story. Mental health is such an important aspect in our lives, but we barely talk about it, I feel like a lot of you commented and reacted on my story because I know that you also have a story to tell, it maybe different from mine but I guess in some parts we felt or experienced the same thing.

I know it’s a sensitive topic, and some will be hesitant to open up about it. But for those who has been keeping it to themselves for a long time, and if you’re reading this. This is your chance to talk about it with strangers 😄, this is a weird advice but I find talking to strangers in the internet a more effective way to vent out, there’s no judgment (like, blogging).

I want to encourage you to share your story here about struggles and how you cope up with it, or even just ideas of taking care of mental health. I want to know what you guys are going through, maybe we’re going through the same thing. I’m a really good listener (I’m an introvert, I was born to listen and observe lol).

I’ve been wanting to write more about mental health and this is me starting, but I also want to know how you guys cope up, because our ways of getting through are very different from each other. So, I want to do this survey type of sharing stories. Please, comment your story below or fill up the response form below if you want to remain anonymous, I will try to gather responses. And we’ll discuss it on my next post.

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Hello everybody, I missed my posting schedule today because I forgot to schedule this post lol. Anyways, one thing I do when I’m not writing a blog post is read other bloggers’ post. And I’m constantly looking for new bloggers to follow, I usually do it by looking at the comments of the blogs I read lol. So, I think you know where I’m getting at just by the title of this post.

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