Sour Is A ‘Sweet’ Album

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What a great time to be alive when music from a new artist such as Olivia Rodrigo exists.

I can’t believe my Taylor Swift madness has come to a stop because of Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour. These past months Folklore and Evermore are the only albums I have been listening to plus Twenty One Pilots’ Scaled & Icy. Olivia’s Sour is the fastest 30mins that has passed in my life. I think everybody knows her from her famous debut single “Driver’s License” which I think has the greatest bridge ever. Then she followed it with “Deja Vu” and “Good 4 U”, there’s only a few debut artist that can do that; most artists becomes a one hit wonder and was only known for that one song. But I was amazed on Olivia Rodrigo’s songwriting which a lot of people compare her with Taylor Swift which is very notable in her writing style. Her debut album is very descriptive and has a good story telling in which Taylor Swift was known for in her earlier career. I watched this reaction on Youtube and at one point the reactor said that she had Taylor Swift when she was 15 and 15 year olds now has Olivia Rodrigo, which I thought was very true.

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Sour is full of songs about young love and heartbreak which covers that angst young people go through in life. When I listened to this album I felt old because I remember how Taylor Swift used to write songs like these in the past, and listening to these types of songs at this age makes me feel nostalgic because these feelings used to be felt by us when we were younger. She perfectly captured that “insecurity” and “bitterness”, and also that “immaturity” in young heartbreaks. I really love how descriptive her lyrics are, it’s so honest and it’s so straight to the point that it isn’t hard to comprehend compare to songs that are covered up with metaphors. Her album consists of 11 songs which can range to 2-3 minutes per song which is very short but it’s just in an appropriate length especially when it’s just her first album. Another thing I liked about this album is that every songs sound so different which shows her diversity.

I never imagined myself— a 24 year old liking another artist especially from ones who are younger than me. I’m still stuck in the 90’s and early 2000’s music. So, liking Olivia Rodrigo’s music was a huge surprise. I rarely check out new artists nowadays since songs that’s being put out lately has overproduced sounds which I kind of dislike. With Olivia Rodrigo’s music she’s bringing back a pulled back sound and even bringing back punk pop, punk rock Avril Lavigne vibes. At her age (17), I’m quite impressed that she has this maturity in terms of her music style. It was also her vulnerability that captured me, the writing plus the way she sings. You can really feel the emotions. I don’t know what to say anymore, every song in this album is just so good.

My favorite track from the album right now is Enough For You, I think it is the best written song in her album. I hate to compare but this song has that Taylor Swift style of writing where she changes the perspective in the end of the song. It’s hard not to put her name beside Taylor Swift since she’s a big Swiftie and most of her fans are Taylor Swift fans as well just like me.

This album gives potential for Olivia Rodrigo to be nominated for a Grammys at least for Best New Artist & Song Of The Year for ‘Driver’s License’. I’m looking forward to her future projects. I’m excited where she’s going to go from this successful debut.


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Suddenly The Lights Are Up And Bright | Importance of Changing Perspective

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It is easy to absorb negativity from this world and generation we currently live in. It is easy to fall and give in to criticisms and setbacks. It is truly a sensitive world right now where it’s quite difficult to keep a positive attitude. We are all aware of what is happening around us through different channels that is conveniently available to us. Therefore, we developed a high sense of consciousness towards everything that we do; is this acceptable by the society? Am I doing it right? etc. These internal monologue we often do leads to insecurities that also leads to a negative impact in the way we perceive our day-to-day approach and decisions.

In today’s time everything feels like a race, everyone wants to achieve a certain milestone in lesser time. Like, at 25 I need to have this and that, and by 45 or 50 I should retire. It’s amazing how everyone has these types of goals in their life but it also sets unrealistic standards and goals for some. Especially to those who are not given the same privilege. I get it how people say that putting hard work pays off but not everyone is given the same opportunities. Like, in this society that often looks at a prestigious background of applicants—those who came from a top 4 universities already has the upper hand apart from those who graduated from a university that most people haven’t even heard before. Employers won’t weigh who’s more of a hard worker, they will pick or give initial screening based from their resumes. It is an unfair world and you can’t really say that you just have to work hard, those who are underprivileged needs to work twice as hard if they want to meet such standards.

Having these factors weigh in on your life; the unfair society, the criticisms, the pressure, and the comparisons, why would you add a negative thinking to all of that? It is difficult to overcome all of that and it is much more difficult when yourself adds on to that weight by thinking that you can’t overcome challenges and when you think that nothing is going your way. It’s so important today to change perspective and see everything as just another challenge and another problem to solve, and not a wall or a boundary that stops you. I see a lot of people being so negative that they just sulk in the corner and wait for a miracle to happen.

One thing I have realized in my 24 years of existence is that you are your worst enemy. And for the past years I have learned how important it is to have a positive outlook. Okay, I am not saying that you should be positive all the time because that is unhealthy. It is important that you acknowledge every emotions that you have. What I mean from a positive outlook is that you still look forward to things, you see challenges as a learning opportunity or something that will contribute to your personal growth. After having that setback you should channel that to be more motivated to start again. During this pandemic, I quit my previous job and I was unemployed for half a year. I was on and off from being depressed and anxious to being productive. I was in this crazy mental state on whether I should give up since everything slowed down or I should fight my usual depressed self. I chose the latter, I started up being active on this blog again as part of the plan to stay productive, I became more active with my chores. I chose to act rather than to sit and sulk.

Changing perspective isn’t overnight. I guess for me it happened in a time where the world suddenly stopped and changed its’ usual ways. I had a lot of time to introspect without any distractions and everything really slowed down that I caught up with my thoughts. I felt like there’s something inside my brain that suddenly lightens up and I somehow see my life more clearly than I did before. There’s suddenly that excitement to move forward. I turned my cynical self into a hopeful and ideal type of person (sort of).

You are your biggest cheerleader

and achieving a positive perspective is very beneficial in this life where everything suddenly feels possible and within your reach. It is a confirmation that

yourself is indeed your worst enemy but also yourself is your greatest friend that will help you overcome everything.


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Four Lines – Sunday Musings

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Hello everyone, I meant to write a more profound blog post but I decided to write some short series of poetry consisting of four lines because it’s easier and more fun to write lol. It’s quite a challenge to write everything you wanted to say with just four lines. I enjoyed writing these at the same time it shows what’s currently in my mind these days.

Emotions that you keep so much inside that nobody else knows about. People who carelessly throw mean words will come back to them and haunt them. The feeling of emptiness that you try to fill up with senseless and sometimes harmful stuff will never be enough. Finding your true desire besides working in an 8 hour job. And not wanting the things that society tells us to have.

These are five stories that I tried to sum up with 4 lines.



Overflowing emotions and feelings.
I’m spilling drops barely keeping it in,
created a puddle I’m trying to clean
others might slip but it was never seen.


You are spitting acid all over,
burning others even with covers.
Now, you’re dripping blood.
Hear their voices— they’re glad.


Stuff yourself with everything in your fridge
but you’ll never fill up the void inside of you
when your mind’s thoughts are in a cage
and when your heart’s color is just blue.


Exerting efforts to someone else’s goals
but feels exhausted to work on yours.
It’s the things you do after eight hours,
there you’ll find the true desire of your soul.


People keep telling you to do things;
get a job, find someone, have kids
but do you really want to have these
or the society pressures you to do it?


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Life Lately 12


Hi everyone, I don’t know if anybody still remembers this blog because it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in here. But I’m here today and got a bit of free time. So, I decided to update this blog by this short post and tell you what I’ve been up to these past couple of weeks.

Lately I’ve been thinking…

of ways to fit in everything that I wanted to do in my life right now. Now, that I have a job again (finally!) I don’t know why I suddenly wanted to do a lot of things even though I had 10 months of free time prior to me having a job again. So, right now I’m trying to think, plan, and manage my time to do all my other endeavors.

Lately I’ve been feeling…

a lot more productive, a bit tired too but in a more positive way. Maybe, it’s because of the new job. The feeling of doing something new again, wanting to learn and master it. I don’t know how long this will last but right now I’m taking advantage of this side of me because I know this will change in just a matter of time.

Lately I’ve been wanting…

to do a lot of things, like I said before there are things that I wanted to do besides working in my day job. I still wanted to do my hobbies regularly like writing, playing ukulele, reading books, binge watching series etc. So, yeah it’s a struggle for me especially when these are the things that calms me down.

Lately I’ve been doing…

accounting & finance stuff lol. I started my job 3 weeks ago and it’s what I’ve been doing lately. I’m thankful to be working again right now. I know a lot of people don’t like their jobs and I understand that but for me you don’t have to love your job when you get paid for it and get to pay for stuff that makes you happy. I have this mindset when it comes to work; “it’s just a job and I don’t have to bring it home with me”

Lately I’ve been hoping…

for this pandemic to end. This will be the only thing I’ll be writing here until the pandemic is over.

That’s my life lately, how’s yours? 😉


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It’s Been A Year (Poetry + Rant)

Credits to Bloomberg

Sense of touch that we miss,
and the feel of your soft lips
it’s been a year since all of these
has been taken away in a bliss.

To be apart from each other
and should’ve made us closer
like a war with a terrible leader
feels like our days are numbered.


The pandemic is not getting away anytime sooner. It has been a year but it feels like we’re back from the very beginning. My country the Philippines has gone under another “lockdown” for 1 week as cases of COVID-19 had a surge these past couple of days. As Filipinos beginning to feel complacent as they’re adjusting to the new normal, we are back where we started but worst.

I’m saying that this lockdown is worst because the country can no longer afford an extended lockdown due to economic reasons. The capital of the country Metro Manila plus other areas like Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna (NCR Plus) is currently on lockdown for only a week, and the government specifically said in their press conference that it is unlikely for them to extend this lockdown which from my point of view sounds like “whatever happens after this lockdown, we are going back to normal and just let things be”. You can’t contain a surge of cases in just a week. It has been a year and our COVID response still has no concrete plan on how to contain this virus except for naming quarantine schemes for a whole year. What is the use of this lockdown when people can actually still go out and the government is just imposing a curfew? Does the virus have schedule on when they are active?

The Philippine government failed from the very beginning of this Pandemic and it didn’t even get a chance to redeem itself.

  • Failed to make a concrete plan when number of cases were rising. Instead, imposed a nationwide lockdown and poured all the funds for military checkpoints, and gave unorganized LGU aids when they should’ve gave the majority of the funds to our health care system, mass testing, contact tracing, and other procedures that would’ve helped in containing the virus.

This is not about being a DDS supporter or not, you cannot avoid the fact that this administration is failing in handling this pandemic. Duterte administration’s sole priority this whole year was law and order, and they pour all their attention on that detail of governing. This is a virus where health is in jeopardy. Checkpoints and military is not going to defeat this virus. TESTING and BETTER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM will.


Take care everyone, be safe, wear a mask.

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