New Home + Life & Blog Update


Hi everyone, I miss this space so much 🥺. It has been a stressful but also fun past couple of days. We finally moved in to our newly renovated home (sort of). We still haven’t finished furnishing it and unpacking yet but it’s getting there. It has been stressful since all of us and my family members are finally staying in one home compared in the past where I was only staying with my auntie. It’s quite irritating when you live with people who has different lifestyle from yours. I’m a minimalist, living with less is comforting for me, it adds to that peace of mind, and lately it’s been crazy because of my family with all of their unnecessary stuff. It’s driving me crazy how they have so many belongings that they don’t even use anymore. Anyways, I’ve been more productive with doing household chores as well since the house is new lol. We still have lots of things to tweak, I can’t wait until it’s fully furnished and done.

Besides moving into our new home, I’ve been on a job hunt as well. I’m currently eyeing for this job and I had my initial interview last week and I’m still waiting for the next one. I really hope I get that job so that I can stop being a freeloader. It’s really been difficult to find a job these days with the current level of competition. I just really have to stay motivated and eager until I land a job. I don’t know how people do it with changing jobs, it really feels like starting over again. I worked 3 years in a company but with this job hunt, it feels like I’m a fresh graduate again.

In terms with this blog, I’m currently bulk writing again (yay!) I’ll get to my blogging schedule right away unless something came up like another interview? fingers crossed. A lot of things happened in the last couple of weeks, I mean Taylor Swift did something again, Superbowl happened, Valentine’s Day etc. lots of things to write about.

Anyways, how are you all? What did I miss? Let’s catch up!

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5 thoughts on “New Home + Life & Blog Update

  1. Nice ventures you had for a new year!

    I’m on similar state, just moved in a flat/condo with my colleagues next door. I maintain my privacy and can join their company whenever I feel bored, and during dinner time.

    All the best with conquering new job!

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  2. Heeyyy Joana!! How are you doing? I feel like I missed you a lot🤗😘

    Minimalist👏🏾I am trying to get rid of many things but one thing I am so reluctant to give away is my books (I am working on it)

    Bulk writing —great! Good Luck with the job pursuit. Keeping the finger crossed xx


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