Spirits of Christmas – Flickering Lanterns

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It’s the happiest time of the year, this one corner house is where everyone goes, where every holidays the lanterns hang by the door are greeting guests with its luminous presence and brightest colors. Beyond the lights and cheerful decorations, behind the smiles and niceties is a family living a double life where darkness lies.

Full of bruises and scars, trying very hard to keep the walls standing. Christmas is their day to make it right every year, thinking even just for a day to live peacefully where the lights shine the brightest to blind them even just for a little while.

And it’s like the lanterns hide the deepest secrets of this house, using them as a cover and mask from what’s inside. Every year these lanterns see what truly happens in this house and it feels like these hanging lights absorbs the atmosphere. All of a sudden without anyone looking the lanterns start flickering, like any minute it’s going to explode just like the house and the people inside it. The house with the brightest colors and fancy decorations is now covered up with splash of red and barricade tape.

Spirits of Christmas is a four part series of whimsical stories about Christmas decorations we often use and their hidden stories. The idea and imagination of what it would be like if these said decorations can speak and feel. What it’s like for them when this time of the year comes, does it also feels like Christmas for them?


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