Christmas 2020

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December is my favorite month, it’s weird because most people usually has their birth month as their favorite month, I also love my birth month which is August because of the comfort I find in the rainy season but December is different, it’s a happy month. We all celebrate it around the world, with all the parties, the chaotic Christmas shopping, and just the whole festive vibe leading to Christmas day is just awesome. But this year is different and it’s feels weird to celebrate Christmas.

The year 2020 is such a horror, everything that we’ve been through this year is unbelievable, surviving the year full of breakdowns and disappointments is incredible for each and everyone of us. Ending the year with a celebration is just what we all deserve to have but I feel like not celebrating this year. It used to be so much fun when the month of December enters, I used to really feel the Christmas spirit like worrying what to wear in Christmas parties, deciding what to buy for Christmas presents, and just the whole planning with family and friends on what to do for Christmas. Right now, with the pandemic it’s all impossible to do when parties and gatherings are prohibited, when being close to each other is a risk. It’s really difficult to feel happy right now when a lot of people are battling this virus that made this year feel like hell. I really want to be in that Christmas spirit but when I try to go outside, it feels like just a normal day for everyone, it feels like everyone is also not feeling the spirit of Christmas. Anyways, it’s still days before Christmas day maybe this will change, who knows?

Sorry for the depressing writings these last few days, I promise to lighten it up on my next blog posts lol. I’ll just leave you with a classic Christmas song that I usually hear on the radio when I was young during Christmas time.


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9 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. I never knew your birthmonth was supposed to get special preference because of that xD
    My birthmonth (July) happens to also be my favorite but that’s mostly because of summervacation, the sun, summer and heat that’s usually most present around that time🤭🤣

    But I do love me some december too. If I get to stay indoors when it snows 😅


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