My Relationship With Blogging

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I took a break from blogging for more than a week because I started getting tired of it. I decided to be active again on blogging when I quit my job a couple of months ago because I have nothing else to do. I was posting everyday and I was having fun with the whole process of it but I lose interest on things so quickly, that me being active on blogging for months became so tiring, it wasn’t because I was drained or it felt like a chore, I just lost my interest plus I was having my depression session at the same time. But I never stopped writing even when I was taking a break, I was just too lazy to post it, I lost the interest in the process of blogging. Blogging is not a two-step process that when you write you just hit publish right away, there’s more to it and I lost interest in doing all of that. So, I needed to step away from it for a while to regain that interest then I kind of started comparing it to my relationships.


My relationship with blogging is like any other relationship I have with the people in my life. I love them but I need space from them, I need some time away from them. I need to regain interest to spend time with them, and to actually miss talking to them. And, I guess it’s also like that for me when it comes to blogging, I love it but when I do it in a long consistent time it becomes “boring” because it’s repetitive. And if you keep doing things over and over again it becomes uninteresting to the point it becomes dreadful and I don’t want that to happen. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right? 😉

I had lots of trouble keeping my blogging schedule for the longest time, and I still don’t know how to handle this blog for now but all I’m saying is expect that I will have this sudden breaks every now and then lol.

Anyways, I missed this space so I will get back to reading your blogs yay! 🤗

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15 thoughts on “My Relationship With Blogging

  1. I’ve been scared to admit that blogging meant the same to me very much like how blogging meant to you when I read this post, and I realized I’m kind of scared to admit it. Possibly because if I admitted that I wasn’t passionate enough to blog consistently unlike others, I’d lose full interest one day, but this post kind of reminds me that even if I struggle being consistent it doesnt mean I’m not passionate enough, sometimes we just need a break and that’s totally okay. We all need those. And what’s amazing is that we keep coming back despite being gone for a while. Such a good read, thank you for this! Let’s keep writing! 😊🌻😌

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    • Yes, let’s keep writing. I totally get you, being consistent takes a lot of effort that is why sometimes we just really need some time away from the things that we love to be passionate again. 🤗


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