Respect Each Other’s Grieving Process

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We all have our own tragedies and we all deal with it differently, our ways might be different from one another but we all have the same goal and that is to go through it and move on.

We all have our ways of coping with things and we do things that can be unexplainable and unexpected but we do these things because we believe that it will somehow lessen the pain and it will help us move on eventually. There are things that are unlikely for us to do, that our own friends and family disagree with it, and there are times that we ignore their advice and still do the things that they told us not to do. They will be frustrated even to the point of not understanding us anymore and to them we are just being unreasonable, but to us everything still hurts.

People need to understand that everyone has different ways of dealing with things, they have different grieving process. You may not understand it but at least respect it, most of the time people dealing with so much heart break or sadness, they eventually figure it out on their own. The things that they are doing is vital to their process. Talking to them and giving them advice is okay but never point out the mistakes they’re doing because they know it already, never assume that when you give advice they will be okay right away, it is never easy to fully move on. Allow them to grieve and allow them to feel things and go through it, never invalidate their emotions and just be there for them. But if you disagree and don’t understand their process to respect it, might as well ignore it for the sake of their wellness and yours too.

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12 thoughts on “Respect Each Other’s Grieving Process

  1. This is so true.. we all have our own ways.. let’s just respect them and be there if they need someone to listen to.. dont force them to follow what u want them to do..

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