The Time When I Thought Getting Drunk Was Cool

Warning: content in this post is not suited for younger viewers. If you decided to read this post, please be advised that the story is personal and in no way encouraging you to do things.

Trigger warning for recovering alcoholics.

I was introduced to liquors before I was even old enough to consume one because I thought it was “cool” but one thing is for sure it doesn’t taste good.

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I was in senior high school the time me and my friends decided to enjoy our last year in high school by getting drunk at least once a week, sometimes even twice a week. I know we were not legally allowed to drink at the time, so I apologize if this post will set off someone, hence the warning at the beginning of this post. Anyways, we loved the trouble of it, the fact that we were in a catholic school and we were the “good students” all our high school days because we were in a “cream section”, it’s the term where all the students with good grades were in, we were considered the “smart ones” and people expected us to be the rule obeying students as we should have been which equals to socially boring students. But me and my group of friends were quite the “trouble makers” in our section, but not in any way over the top trouble. We did something like, we ganged up on our teacher because of allegedly spreading confidential information about our friend which turned out really childish of us, we really started annoying that teacher with our group. (Sorry ✌🏼) I’ll tell you all about the troubles that we did back then in another post. Anyways, as I was saying people expected us to be boring. So, we did what any “cool kid” would do and that was by getting drunk. Sneaking from our parents after school, going to someone’s house whose free or where it was okay to drink. To be honest at the time it was fun, being young, being stupid and having that energy and being able to go to school the next day with a hangover is something that I miss. We would literally go home without our parents noticing that we were drunk lol. Until, one unfortunate day I was busted because I went home really drunk, I slept on our bathroom floor where my sister thought I was dead. And that was one of my worst drunk experience ever, I was crying my eyes out in front of my sister and I didn’t even know why lol. I have so many drunk stories that involved a lot of vomiting, crying, and losing stuff. Anyways, after that incident we lay low in drinking for a while but after a few weeks we got back on it. And it went on until college and after graduation and when we finally started having a job. But now at 24, looking back on all of it, I don’t think I could do it like we used to. I’ve stopped drinking too much for years now, I wasn’t alcoholic though but I was not a lightweight as well (not something to be proud of).

I’m not that old but right now, I’m literally passing on any alcoholic drinks now. I think I had enough of the taste of it, I mean I still drink occasionally but not like we used to before where we push our selves to the limit, and vomit, and pass out. I couldn’t do that anymore lol. Looking back at it, I’m asking myself why I did all those stuff, I mean it doesn’t even taste good 😂. But I remember why, it’s because of the experience, the bond with friends. I remember all the laughter and friendships built because of those times. It’s not fun to drink alone, during those times I think we didn’t crave for the alcohol, we crave for the craziness, the fun, and bonding that the alcohol creates. Alcohol makes it fun but in moderate, and I am glad I experienced that, but I am also fine not having it anymore lol.

I am in no way encouraging people to get drunk. Drinking is fine if you’re in a legal age but do it moderately. Please, don’t be stupid like we were.

This experience of mine is one of those days where me and my friends will always happily reminisce over a few drinks. 😉🥂

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17 thoughts on “The Time When I Thought Getting Drunk Was Cool

  1. Thank you for your candor in sharing this. It’s not an easy topic to discuss because there can be a lot of judgement from people. I think many of us (good students or not) go through phases of unwise decisions and as we get older we realize how reckless we acted when we were younger.

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  2. Great to get drunk : with love of God with love for Life … all the best.

    You know it is our environment which has the greatest influence in our life. Choose your friends wisely my young friend 😊🤗

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  3. I remember judging my classmates in senior high school for drinking at a young age then a year later I also started drinking (tho occasionally) but still wasn’t at the right age. It’s really true that it’s not about the alcohol but the memories w/ friends (tho I don’t drink that often anymore or I must say that I’ve came to the point that I don’t crave to drink 😅)


  4. agh I totally get what you mean. I started drinking in college too as a way to “fit in” and I kind of did. I have a lot of fond memories because of it but I don’t think I have the same desire for alcohol now. Drinking is fun and it can be relaxing but you’re right. It should only be done with moderation.

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    • Same, I’m over alcohol now. It’s okay to have a bottle or two every now and then but not to the point of getting drunk. I don’t know why alcohol is a standard of fitting in and being cool 🤷🏻‍♀️. Like, when you don’t drink you get judged for it or you’re some sort of a prude.


  5. I started drinking so young, then started having problems with it. I’m now 80 days sober and don’t think I’ll drink again. I think you get to a certain age and it’s no fun anymore! Thanks for sharing such a honest post.

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