Story Of Dave & Veronica

Let me tell you a tragic love story.

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Dave and Veronica had been together since they were in high school, and at 19 they got married, they moved in to a small apartment. At 22, Veronica got pregnant, they were both just trying to figure life out. They worry about the future of their child, but Dave and Veronica promised to each other that they could face any struggle as long as they were together. Their daughter was born, Dave got a job as a car salesman and closed many deals in just a short period of time. Dave felt like he was doing something right for once in his life. While, Veronica took over her father’s business and she was doing a pretty good job with it. They bought their own house and they finally got their life together. But a few years after, Dave quit his job because he wasn’t happy even if his job was bringing in a lot of money. Veronica was supportive of him though she was worried about their expenses, especially when their daughter was already going to school. Dave spent years finding his calling, he was hopping on one job onto another. Veronica was getting worried, and said that he should’ve get a stable job by now as he was just wasting his time but Dave was decided that he would not be a corporate slave anymore. Dave saw how Veronica was slowly losing her confidence on him, and how slowly he was losing her, and as that happened Dave lost his own confidence on himself as well.

Dave never got a stable job. Thankfully, Veronica’s business was doing great but she was fed up with Dave’s lifestyle. Dave fell off track, got into a drinking habit, got into meeting other women. Going home in the morning being drunk. Sleeping all day and out at night. They both fell out of their relationship with their constant fighting. Veronica and Dave were out of reach from each other. Until, one night Veronica found out about Dave’s affair, it was the last straw and she finally confronted him about everything. They got into a huge fight where their daughter heard everything, and shouted at his father to go away. Dave ran out and left Veronica with their daughter.

Dave felt like his life was spiraling down, he had no job and also his family hated him. He went away to make himself feel good, stayed with his lover for awhile until he realized that he was missing his family. Dave felt really bad with how his life turned out, thinking he once had everything, and he blew it all away. He decided he wanted to make everything right. Dave came home to his family a few days later but saw his stuff outside the door. He didn’t face his family, he grabbed his stuff thinking that it was all too late and he just went away.

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Dave is a person who rush in to life. Starting a family in an early age, with little time to figure himself out. Most people in their 20’s are still out partying, while Dave was out there trying to earn for his family. I couldn’t blame Dave for what he had become, he was brave to have left his job to find his passion but I think Dave got succumbed into depression when he noticed that his wife stopped believing in him. When you’re out in the wilderness you want someone to hold your hand the whole way through until you find shelter to be safe. Dave lost that someone’s hand.

I also couldn’t blame Veronica. As you become a mother, I believe you forget about everybody and even forget about your own happiness just as long as you can provide for your child. Veronica felt like she could handle everything on her own because she was successful with her business and she was getting by without the help of her husband, but she forgot that Dave was there when they both had nothing.

This was inspired by a true story.

What do you think about Dave & Veronica’s situation?

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14 thoughts on “Story Of Dave & Veronica

  1. Aw man that’s so sad… Veronica still should’ve been more loving and supportive of Dave despite of him struggling in his career. Even if you have your own child, I don’t think you should start neglecting the very person who loved you enough to start a family. I mean, I believe in loving a person because of who they are, not because of how stable their job is. So it’s just really sad to see Dave being discouraged because of Veronica not seeming to return his love at all. It makes him think that he’s only defined by his career, but I believe that TRUE LOVE should mean trying to help each other overcome their troubles and being willing to make sacrifices for each other, not to just abandon them without making any efforts to support them at all, no matter if you have a baby or you’re crippled or you’re pathetic–I mean you would at least keep trying to do SOMETHING, you know?

    So at this point, what I think they should do is to forgive each other and to invite Dave back into the family. But if that doesn’t happen, it’s most likely because Veronica doesn’t truly love him back and doesn’t care about him anymore. But if I were Veronica and I truly loved him, I would’ve had a heart-to-heart conversation with him about WHY he was seeing other people and what exactly went wrong instead of just automatically assuming he was just a horrible person and attacking him. Although I admit, I would also be really mad at him at first, but if I really truly loved him, that’s what I would do even if it means to be completely vulnerable with one another, which can seem pretty terrifying at first because you’ll both have to admit that you did something wrong, but all the outcomes from actually listening to each other would be definitely worth it. I would just never give up on our relationship until I know for a fact that he doesn’t truly love me back anymore and neither does he ever want to.

    Okay sorry for the long comment lol… 😅 But I just believe that love should be taken more seriously and that people should become more considerate of others in this world.

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    • Don’t apologize I loved reading your take on their story. 🤗 It is truly tragic, they just lacked communication and understanding, that’s why I really couldn’t put blame on them, it takes two person to break a relationship. Both of them made mistakes, and they just have to live with the consequences. 😔

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  2. What horror’s me is that last thing you said, based on true story
    Wondering what might have happened, hoping all of them are good

    Yes, both of them are not at fault but i think, there might be lack of communication and trust may be
    Sometimes little help can do wonders but yes, thinking on point of view of both, Veronica and her daughter have suffered more 😅😅

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  3. I have seen this often. Neither are able to see where, and why, it all changed. Many men I know over the years say things like “I’m even lower on the pecking order than the goldfish.” Then with some women I know its “he doesn’t care about me and so on.” Money often gets the blame, but it is only the symptom in many situations. Communication is key – but that takes a great level of maturity and by that I mean: saying and receiving comments in a constructive way. That’s extremely hard, especially when feelings get hurt in the first instance and then learning how to deal with that – without reacting negatively!

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  4. I love this story!! I felt for Dave a lot but then again Veronica being a mother she needed someone who will be stable and provide the “family feeling” for their daughter. Not being drunk or having an affair.

    There’s so many interpretations on this story because it’s relatable. Life never remains the same. We all change as we grow older, sometimes with our partner and sometimes without them. X

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, you can’t really put blame on just one person in a relationship when it falls apart. It’s sad when people change even when you’ve been together for a long time. 💔

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