It’s getting harder to get up every morning with all this weight of unmotivated mind and body. As if life just passes us by day by day feeling empty, and waiting for the moment where our lungs couldn’t catch an air to breathe, until death decides to take part. Leaving the world with nothing that goes by our name, a legacy not worth a dime and as if the life we have lived was a gift that we didn’t value. Until it’s too late, and we wishes that time turns back and we’ll try to redo everything but this time around we’ll do everything we can to fight ourselves and find motivation that we lack back then and not mess it up by self-sabotaging.

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19 thoughts on “Regrets

  1. Indeed, truly relatable. But we’ve got to embrace the small victories in our lives, seek help when we must, uplift ourselves with postive thinking and attitude, identify the negatives and flaws and stick postive energy and self betterment to them, etc.
    This feeling you described happens, to us all, but let’s do our best to not give in to it forever💚💚

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