Welcome to the newly cleaned up space of Gigantic Thought Bubble blog!

I got a new domain name, kind of ditched the title. So, what’s new? I didn’t changed much to be honest, I really liked the theme that I had been using ever since. I am sort of a minimalist that’s why I like everything to be as simple as it is (or I’m just really lazy lol). Though I added some things to make it seem new. I’ve been playing around with some simple animations, so as you can see on my footer widget. I wanted to emphasize the things that you can read on this blog ☺️ (hover down to the bottom of the site to see it). I also tweaked my homepage, making the black & white theme alive in some way with a simple movement going on 😄. I also redesigned my About page as well, and I added a Featured Collection page where I gathered all the blog series done on this site. 😁

Making changes on this blog made me quite anxious because of my indecisiveness but I also had fun, and it made me busy. I’m not sure if this will be the final layout but for now, I’m pretty happy how the blog turned out. I was pretty lazy before with the whole designing because I never really cared that much about it, as long as I can vent out and post whatever I want.

Also, I added a share story button on my sidebar where we can collaborate or do some guest posting if you’d like. It will be fun.

I’m also trying to decide to have a blogging schedule which I’ve never done before on this blog. How do you guys do yours? 🤔

How did you liked the changes so far? Please leave a rating, feedback or any suggestions below 😄 thank you!


4 thoughts on “BLOG REVAMPED-ISH

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