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Several weeks ago, I watched this video of a vlogger named Tom Kuegler on his page Finding Tom. He talked about one infamous video of another vlogger where he shamed and degraded a public transportation driver, it went viral and Tom went on to say that this vlogger did a terrible thing but still gets a lot of attention.

Tom stated in his video that there are good and bad content creators out there, and we need to be careful who we follow online.

This is so true in todays time, there are plenty of content creators that get backlash from what they did but still get attention from the public, they even get more famous for it. It’s all about publicity right? Tom also pointed out that these “bad content creators” get confidence because of the attention that they are getting, and they immediately think that every thing that they do is a great idea. The validation they get from the views, likes, and subscriptions fuels them to create more stupid content. Just like what Tom said, it takes away the attention from genuine creators who’s being cautious and mindful towards the viewers’ perception on what they intake from their video. These bad vloggers/bloggers get so much validation that they forget the content they make and how it’s going to be viewed by others, they think every one will like it just because they created it.

One more thing I hate about these bad content creators is how people still manage to waste their time on them, giving them attention and fame. Like, why? I mean you hate what they did so much but you still watch them? You still follow them? You create memes about them, the hypocrisy in that is way off the roof. I personally think that who and what you follow online says a lot about you, I mean you follow a certain topic because it resonates to your ideals right? I mean, for me I follow a certain personality online because of what they do, and how great their personality is. Deep inside, I want to do what they do or I want to be friends with them. My point there is that why do people follow a “bad vlogger/blogger”? What do they get from them? Like, vloggers who do dangerous pranks? (There’s a reason MTV Jackass is not suited in today’s time anymore). What do people get from it? Entertainment? Really? You enjoy making fun of others? Okay, that’s your choice, and that says something about yourself.

Many people now aspire to be a youtuber, blogger etc. But I seriously think that being an influencer has a responsibility on what they create and how it’s going to be viewed, and they should also aspire to be a role model whether they like it or not. I’m not buying what they say that they are not trying to please people. Basically, that’s what they signed up for when they decided that they want to be an influencer or internet famous. They were given a platform, they are a public figure, they take the good from it but there is also the bad in it, and whether they like it or not being cautious on their every move is part of their job.

The point of this post is to tell you that be careful who you follow, be careful of the content you take from social media and the internet. It may seem like it’s not a big deal but it is a big deal, it affects you in little ways that you don’t even notice. What you take from what you follow creates this image in your mind, that you unconsciously and suddenly want in your own life. It creates fake ideals that you’ll become upset later on because you don’t have it or it’s far from being achieved. What you follow online affects how you see yourself, and right now internet has its ways to bring that down. All I’m saying here is that don’t pressure yourself to follow the trends or to be updated all the time, follow what you love online and read things that will benefit you. Make internet and social media a healthy space again. 😄

I want to know who and what you follow online? Which celebrity? What topics and trends are you into? Let me know in the comments 😊


  1. I think being an ‘influencer’ in this day and age must be tough. I’m not sure I would want to be scrutinised for everything I do. We all make mistakes, the only difference is that theirs are open to hate. I don’t aspire to be famous or and influencer. Im happy being invisible!

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  2. What I’m following now are creators providing ukulele tutorials because I’m trying to teach myself. You are right about this. I think more and more people are getting attracted to these “content-creator-vlogging-blogging” thing without even realizing that social responsibility is automatically attached here. Of course there are those who blog and vlog for personal reasons and it becomes a bit complicated because then here comes the freedom of speech. Whether they comply or violate social responsibility rules is up to them. It’s a crazy world, right? I hope people realize that respect is basic of the basics. Simply respect. ❤️


    • OMG I’m learning to play the Ukulele too but I’m so uncoordinated 😅 anyways, I do feel bad about them because they are subject of criticisms. Exactly, respecting each other and being kind is not that hard.

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  3. It is surprising how many followers these bad bloggers have and most of them young people. And sadly, some of them will follow the example… I guess this is the downside of social media, there is no trimming for what is being promoted and sometimes bad vloggers become viral. How could this be stopped, as in time it can create an ugly society if it is becoming a norm

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  4. Nice insights! garbage in, garbage out.. we really need to be mindful who we follow online, this increases their exposure and indirectly we are supporting them.

    I remember a ‘number trap’ that NasDaily once explained, somewhat related to what Tom Kuegler is describing. We are so caught up with number that we are aspiring to gain attentions in any way we can. Case in point, this bad publicity is still a publicity and been talked about online. But it backfired to him, I heard he lost thousands of followers following that incident. I want to say “good for him” but he must’d been bullied online already I want to spare him 🙂

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    • I actually never heard of him until that incident which clearly shows how publicity works 😅 I’ve seen the memes and how harsh the people were, I felt bad for him but I guess he probably learned something from the experience.

      Thank you for reading 😊

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      • My take on the issue is that such attitude is common nowadays kasi the borderline between being funny and being offensive is growing thin. I saw his video apology and sorry it’s not for me to judge but I can’t find sincerity. Perhaps it’s his way to express himself, I can respect that.

        You’re right, lesson learned.

        You’re welcome, I’m having fun reading your writeups. I’ve been away in WP for a long time and I’m catching up, am glad to hang out in your site for some time 🙂


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