Always make her feel loved and never go to the point where she have to ask for it.

She wants to feel extra special sometimes, you have to make efforts where you would do something beyond your limits, something that she could never expect that you can and will do for her.

Respect her even at times she gets a little too hard on you, she have unexplainable traits that you might never understand where they’re coming from. You have to be understanding as girls can be so complicated.

Comfort her especially when she throws her shit at you, most of the time they just want a hug and sweet words from you.

Be patient with her, she’s dealing with her own demons too. She may become distant at times and she might even build her wall again but tear that down and pull her in, never let your girl keep a grudge from you and as much as possible address every issue she had with you and your relationship, never brush it off because she keeps it and remembers it and it will come up in the future to haunt you.

credits to photo owner

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