I can never truly grasp the idea of someone cheating on their loved ones. That person was the one you’ve dreamed of, the one that you once wanted to be yours before, the one that you were so nervous of talking to back then. Now, that you finally had him/her you’re taking them for granted? All those years lost because of an unsatisfied craving?

Everything is a matter of choice. You choose who you love, you choose to commit and you choose to cheat. I don’t know how people who cheats carry the weight of guilt and conscience. I don’t know how they could sleep so tight at night knowing that they hurt their partner. I hate that they call it a mistake when they are so conscious and aware of their actions, they make it sound like it was just an accident.

If your partner lacks the thing that you need all you need to do is talk about it and not find that “thing” in another person. If you wanted to end things say it to them and not create a situation where you hurt your partner, it’s called respect. If you feel like you lost “sparks” go back to the beginning. There are a lot of things you can do to make a relationship work, cheating is an easy-choice to suffice your “needs” but it creates a huge problem and it doesn’t really solve anything. I really hate seeing people who get cheated on, it breaks my heart. I’m thinking that these cheaters once made a heart whole and happy but now they are also the ones who breaks it into pieces. (shame on you)


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