Seeking acceptance through vanity

that you forget your own dignity,

for the sake of what? Approval? 

Honey, this world is cruel

and you know it– you’re a jewel.

Yet, you let yourself be a fool

by letting yourself be consumed

in this modern day tune.

Singing of showing more skin

now your clothes are thin,

you follow the trends,

you gain new friends

will they be there until the end?

Because I can’t comprehend

the need of validation

through manipulated illusion

just to feel good about yourself

and just to feel accepted

But all I see are lonely kids

wanting to be wanted.



2 thoughts on “VALIDATION

  1. This is such a powerful piece. It’s sad that probably all of us have felt the need to change something about us just to fit in. It’s even sadder if we actually acted on that pressure. But most of us have. Probably the majority. I guess it’s all down to finding people who let you be who you are, accepting and loving all of you. But more than that, you need to realize that you are FUCKING AMAZING just the way you are. Really well written Joana!

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