I wish I could shield myself and close my eyes from what is happening in this world. Bad things are happening and I don’t believe in bad people, this so called bad people were good people who were swallowed by greed and hate. Maybe there’s another side to the story that made them do things like this or maybe not but violence never solves anything and fighting violence with violence creates war. Idealistic as it may sound— love and kindness are what this world needs to regain its peace. 

2 thoughts on “REGAIN PEACE

  1. Like you said in times like these we need love and kindness. Unfortunately, some people believe that we can solve our problems with violence and hate. And I wish there was a switch that we could turn to change there view on the world. But a switch like that doesn’t exist. At the same time the absence of the switch doesn’t mean that there view can’t change. Hopefully, love and kindness will turn the switch.

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