I recently came across of this post Turning a New Page by Questions from a teenager and it got me thinking about the time I was about to go to college. Senior year in high school was fun but it was also tough, I was in that rough time of my life because of so many reasons that I don’t want to disclose or even remember but at the time I’m feeling all these mixed emotions mostly feeling lost while everybody knew what they were going to do after they graduate or what college course they wanted and I didn’t really thought about what I was going to do after high school, I just know that I’m going to college and I’m going to take a business course because that’s the easiest and I’m guaranteed that I’m going to get a job after but is it really what I wanted? At that time where I was deciding on which college course I’m going to take I was really confused because I thought to myself that I could do it all you know like I could be an engineer, lawyer, teacher etc. It all can be learned but will I be happy about it? And I don’t know what course or profession I’m going to be happy about because I don’t really know my passion at the time or what I’m good at, I’m still figuring it out until now. 

I took up a business course specifically in Finance. College was sort of like high school but with much freedom, you can skip classes whenever you want to without being worried of getting caught, you can actually do whatever you want. Yep I’ve done that, skip classes because I just want to skip it lol. My sister actually warned me about it, she told me that college is where you’re put to the test on whether you want to be responsible or not. My first year in college was fine, I just really had to adjust to a lot of new things like new people, new environment and everything. But throughout my college life I actually enjoyed it and it’s all because of the people I spent it with, even though every day I ask myself whether this college course that I took fits me, I always try to push that thought aside because there’s no going back now and might as well finish it and enjoy it— I did and I technically learned something from it and now in a week I’ll be graduating and I still think about it because basically it’s not the kind of profession that I wanted to do for the rest of my life but I also don’t know what I really want to do as well. So yeah, I’m going to stick with this finance thing until I figure that out hopefully the sooner the best and also hopefully I get a job soon. 🤞🏼

And I’m really glad that based on Questions from a teenager post that you might as well read 😊, it shows that she’s really thinking about her future and she knows what she wants or what she’s good at and she knows what she’s passionate about and she’s not afraid to go after it because for me I thought it’s all about making money, so I was like “yeah I’m going to take a business course, that will do. It’s all about money anyway.” Which is not, it’s about passion and happiness. So piece of advice get a college course/job that you’re happy and passionate about, stick with it no matter what even if other people tells you that it’s a waste of time because it will never be a waste of time as long as you’re happy doing it.


  1. You’re too kind! 🙀 I know I’m not in a place where I should be giving career advice, but if I were you I would give your “finance thing” a shot and if you don’t like it, then do something else! If you suddenly should have this epiphany where you know what you want to do next, then retrain or go to college again or do the right courses. Life is definitely to short to only stick to one thing because afterall – we’re human. We NEED to grow through experiencing and learning new things. I feel like in this consumerist culture we live in people often tend to go after jobs because they feel like those are the jobs you have to get if you want money. Most of my relatives did that and changed direction half way through their careers. I know it sounds stupid but I pretty much just had a moment in the shower where I was like “oh wow okay THIS is what I want to do – this is what I’m interested in, it’s what I’m good at and I can see myself doing this with joy and excitement”. I wish you all the best for what’s to come😊

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    • Yep I’m giving this “finance” a shot so my 4 years of education about it won’t be a waste 😊. Sucks how money seems like the most important thing.

      I totally have those moments too but mostly after a great idea comes a moment of low self esteem where I’m like “oh never mind, I’m going to fail” which is a pretty bad habit of mine 😅.
      I wish you all the best too. 😊

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