Everyday we wake up we make a decision, every second in our lives we need to make a choice— every now and then we are put in a situation where we need to make a tough call, where our doubts and fears are put to the test— like deciding to jump out of an airplane for a skydive “will I jump or will I back out?” then there goes that impulsive voice in your head, “SCREW IT!”

Well, it’s either “screw it, I’m doing it” or “screw it, I’m out” but either way it helps us make a decision.

But most of the time that voice is what we need to fully live our lives (the screw it, I’m doing it one) because we often hold ourselves back from doing the things that we really wanted to do either it’s because of having second thoughts and worries that it will turn out bad or it’s because we think that we are not brave enough to do it. These doubts, worries and overthinking are holding us back from enjoying this life, they say life is too short so live your life, do the things you want and never come to the point in your life where you’ll look back wishing that you’ve done that in the past. It’s all about seizing the day and saving you up from all the “what ifs” and regrets. We all need to learn to live in the moment in this present time and not think and worry too much on what will happen next— just do what you’re supposed to do and if you fail it’s okay at least you’ve tried and you’ve done what you think you should have done and that’s all that matters in the moment. 

So go do it! Whatever that is, whether it’s an adventure stuff or asking a person on a date or telling a person how you feel or doing something new or even getting a tattoo, just do it! Sometimes all we need to say to ourselves is 


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